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You Need To Add Videos To Your Marketing Strategy. And Here's Why

This year will be the year of video services. If you want to succeed you need to learn how to use Facebook video ads and its live streaming function, learn the peculiarities of promoting your business on YouTube and dive into the Snapchat.


Every marketer needs to use video ads for his or her products – with each passing day they become more and more effective than traditional banners and ads.


That’s why if you want to boost your business and make your customers and potential ones interact and engage with your ads, you need to embrace the world of video.


We’ve prepared a list of tips that will help you through that process:


1. Get people to click on your video


In order to make a person watch your video you need to make the headline and the short annotation as intriguing and compelling as possible.


The first seconds of the video are also incredibly important since modern people have extremely short attention span. If you can’t interest your potential follower or customer during the first 25 seconds, he or she will close the video and direct the attention elsewhere.


Also, even one boring video can guarantee that people who viewed it won’t click on your other videos, even the best ones, in the future.


To compel people into watching your videos, try different thumbnail designs, choosing the ones that look both professional and creative.


2. Use the live video


With the launch of the Facebook’s initiative, live video streaming has become one of the latest – and the hottest – trends in social media. Which means it would be extremely unwise to waste its potential.


By the way, the research shows stunning data: 50% of marketers plan using live streaming, 50% are interested in learning more about them, and 14% already embraced it.


Try testing live videos with your Facebook account or via YouTube in order to see how it works. If everything’s fine, start with live streaming one off your company’s events.


To get video trending, don’t forget to invite and tag the influencers in your niche, and create plus promote your own branded hashtag.


3. Facebook videos are a must


There over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, and that number is increasing 15% each year, so, basically, everyone is on Facebook. And ignoring it is both unwise and unforgivable.


That is why aspiring marketers should not forget about the power that Facebook video gives them. Facebook is promoting its video potential, competing with YouTube, so your videos will be shown to more followers than the regular posts.


By the way, 73 percent of marketers are already increasing the use of videos, and 21 percent consider it to be the most important type of content marketing.


Not to mention that 67 percent are planning on increasing their marketing on Facebook during this year.


This means you need to learn how to promote your brand with the help of Facebook video, and the sooner the better, otherwise your competitors will see the possibilities and will be able to gain the upper hand quickly.


4. Pay attention to the analytics


Both Facebook and YouTube have great analytics tools that will provide you with every useful piece of information you may desire.


And knowing how your videos resonate with your followers is crucial for one's success. You won't be able to attract more followers if you don't know your strongest and your weakest points, which is crucial for the business struggling to succeed.


You need to get to know your followers: which videos trigger their emotions, what are the things that make them angry, happy or sad.


Then you'll be able to widen your reach and continue on your road to success.


Also pay attention to the demographic, location and interests of people who engage with you in the most active way. It can help you reach out and effectively attract new followers from the same group, making them your loyal followers and later turning them into the devoted customers.


5. Start using the remarketing lists


You can use  remarketing lists for the purpose of attracting targeting the highest-quality traffic to the visuals on your channel.


You can find these lists in adwords. Their goal is to promote other videos to the people who have watched one of yours just now.


You get lots of customized options thanks to the aforementioned remarketing lists and have the freedom to chose which group of potential followers or perspective customers you are going after.


For example, remarketing lists allow you to target people who have viewed or liked your videos but haven't proceeded to subscription.


It can be a pretty useful tool in the hands of a skilled marketer.


You can create several different playlists at once, dividing people by demographic, location or their interests.


Video ads and video content in general are trending right now. Surely you don't want to miss out on it.


Use the power of videos to beat the competitors and make your brand even more popular and successful.

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