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Three Keys to Being Popular on YouTube

Everybody knows Google is the biggest search engine in the entire world. But did you know that YouTube proudly takes the second place?


Moreover, since Google owns YouTube now, its reach is very likely to grow even more in the years to come.


The breach between the two is narrower that you might think. YouTube enjoys around 1 billion visitors a month compared to 1.1 billion Google visitors. That leaves behind almost all popular websites, including such titans as Facebook and Wikipedia.


As you probably already guessed, many visitors means great possibilities for your brand. With the possibilities that YouTube offers you can boost your reach, grow your following and sales, establishing a strong reputation and brand presence.


Last year alone, YouTube received around $4 billion in revenue.


However, most of Internet users that are trying to promote their brands via social platforms forget about a powerful asset that YouTube is. For example, only 9% of small businesses situated in United States use YouTube.


If you forget about video SEO and pay no attention to your rankings means losing a great possibility to succeed, and that cannot be allowed.


Therefore, here are three basic tips that will help you start building a YouTube presence:


1. Make yourself a name


Start from the very beginning and do not leap forward unprepared. You cannot establish your YouTube presence without creating a serious and professional profile and making a name for yourself as a respected and trustworthy organization.


Let us go through these main steps together. Start with signing in and creating a profile. The appropriate name will probably be the one of your brands’, unless you are trying to promote a certain member of your company and then a brand via his name.


After finishing that one, make sure to upload a banner (your company’s logo, obviously).


Then go to the description and add everything there is to know about your company along with the links to your main website, blog and accounts in social media.


To make your brand more recognizable on YouTube customize your URL. Now there are certain demands you must meet in order to be allowed to use a customized or so-called vanity URL:


- Your channel must be at least 30 days old;


- It needs more than 500 subscribers;


- It must have a unique icon.


2. Pay attention to keywords


Video SEO still needs keywords - that is the truth. You have a channel keywords field in your account information, and you will be smart to add the keywords popular in your niche and with your customers, to that field.


Your videos should also be supplied with relevant keywords so that Google won’t experience any troubles processing them.


Also, while organizing keywords, try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Do not restrict yourself to the highly professional terms, put them in the way as an average person would search for a thing or service he or she needs.


3. Write the appropriate descriptions


The description under the video is another thing of critical importance. That is actually the thing upon which a visitor will make the decision whether to view the video you uploaded or not.


Make sure your description is sincere and relevant but also unique and spiced up with a tiny pinch of humor.


You Tube gives a lot of possibilities for a smart brand if the brand knows how to exploit them.


Use the second largest search engine in the world for your brand’s benefit!

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