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Secrets of Being Popular on YouTube

To get famous on YouTube you need an individual approach to your videos and subscribers. There are several tricks that will transform your account into a well-known brand.


Here are several things you might want to know to get famous on YouTube:


1. Be original and keep fans updated


Actively add new content. If you consitantly post interesting and original videos that are able to attract the attention of viewers, your audience will definitely start to grow. Don’t be frightened if it takes some time – just keep posting.


2. First impression is everything


Be sure your channel looks professional, individual and relevant to the videos you’re posting. Do not forget the background picture – it’s the first thing that visitor spots when opening your page.


Also, make sure the channel contains all the information necessary. Add a short description to your channel to give viewers a glimpse of the kind of content you're offering.


Include links to your other websites in your channel description to raise the brand awareness.


3. Тag your videos


Without the right tags viewers won’t be able to get your video in the search results, so no one will even see it. When you upload a video to your channel, choose proper  tags.


Choose keywords that apply to your video - don't mislead viewers with irrelevant keywords.


Use popular tags but not to mainstream – othervise your video might get lost in the thousands of other videos by that tag.


4. Communicate with your subscribers


Find some time once in a while to interact with people who watch and support your videos. Try to respond to each comment you receive. People love individual approach, so this will help you to start building a network of subscribers.


Also, always friend subscribers who friend you. Connect your YouTube account with your Twitter, Facebook and other platform. Find your subscribers there and friend them, too.


5. Watch other people's channels


Interact with other people on their walls, via messages, on Twitter, and in any other way you can. Give positive feedback and engage in conversations. Don’t forget to actually watch videos you’re liking or commenting – there is nothing worse than to be exposed as a fake.


Genuine, individual approach and a strategic plan will help you to turn your YouTube account into a money-making machine.

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