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How to Create Viral YouTube Ads

As the public grows more and more picky, marketers have to find new ways of attracting the audience’s interest.


One of the most effective ways of gaining many views, traffic, shares, conversions and, ultimately, sales is online video advertising. Video ads get more and more popular with each coming day, and a smart marketer or businessperson should use all the possibilities to benefit from the online video ads boom.


YouTube gets more and more loaded with AdWords video ads.


That means you not only receive brand new opportunities, but get to face with more difficulties, too. The more popular video ads get, the more competition you’ll have to face – some of it from the worldwide known brands.


That means your main task becomes to create a unique campaign that will guarantee you won’t get lost in the tons of other video ads presented by the fellow competitors in your niche. In order to do that you need to make your ads unique, useful and, most of all, memorable.


To find a great idea for a video ad with potential to go viral is not exactly an easy thing. That is why you are going to need a decent strategy in order to succeed.


We at YBMG have assembled a set of tips that will help you create truly memorable and successful video ads:


1. Use the emotions


People are most likely to recommend or share the video if it made them feel something. That is why your primary concern should be to find images and topics that will be able to provoke an emotional response from your viewers and potential customers.


The emotions may vary – from fear to excitement, from sadness to delight.


Think of the things that make you tear us, maybe even read some statistics on the matter – there is plenty of research on the topic, you’ll be surprised. Then proceed proudly to implementing your brand new strategy.


Use anything that can help you – from kittens to teary family reunions.


Make them feel – and you’ll get the views and the sales you’re aiming for.


2. Be different


Following trends is important. However, most advertisers make a very common mistake by following them too neatly. As a result we get 1 000 video ads that differ only by the name of the company who is advertising.


And that is not good for your business at all.


You do not need a 1000th ad with a young mother struggling to clean her child’s clothes from ketchup after the dinner or grass from a football match and miraculously finding the product that deals with the problem at once. Or a 3000th commercial about the dish cleaner that is 2 times faster and cleans grease even in cold water.


What you need is to be unique and memorable. That is why sometimes you need to watch the trends in your niche – and then do the exact opposite.


A serious part of the most watched YouTube video ads of 2015 got to the top by exploiting the element of surprise.


3. Call to action


Calling and motivating people to take action is a great way to grow engagement and build loyalty to your brand.


Show them you are not only making money – you also try to change the world, and they can become a part of that change.


Show them your brand’s culture, share the important facts, inform people on how grave is the problem you’re trying to solve. By doing do, you will show the targeted audience that you care, and that is the best way to grow your following.


Demonstrate that buying your products at the same time means helping fight the good fight – and you’ll see the positive impact this will have on your revenues.


4. Be a bit weird


People are drown to those who are not from this world. The late David Bowie with his Ziggy Stardust enigma was a perfect example of this argument.


Also, look at the movies that are considered elite – most of them are as iconic as they are weird. And that’s not a coincidence.


Being strange – in a right way – means also being memorable.


That doesn’t mean you need to make your YouTube video ads downright crazy – all you need is a little something weird to catch attention, to stand out.


Fight boredom – and your ads will be extremely popular.


5. Use the nostalgia


The power of the good old nostalgia is immense. This is another way to engage people and make them feel the positive emotions.


This trope is actively exploited by TV companies that film shows like Mad Men, Fargo, The Americans – you surely can continue the list.


That is why brands should get their share of the pie as well.


Try the advertising tropes that wake the nostalgia – and see your sales and following grow visibly in the matter of days.


Make sure you are targeting the right audience – if you are a brand for teenagers, this method will not work – you cannot hope for them to remember the sixties, don’t you?


Video ads become more and more popular. By using them in a right way you guarantee your brand fast and effective growth.


Let us know how these ideas worked for you, in the comments section below!

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