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5 Tips to Promote Your Brand via YouTube

Every business knows social media presence is key to widening one’s reach, generating leads and rerouting traffic to the brand’s main website.


However, most of the marketers associate social media only with the most common social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn and Instagram, devoting all their resources to building presence there.


While this strategy can be pretty useful, in doing so they miss out on a large and highly perspective platform that can do wonders to the brand’s reach and popularity.


That social platform is, of course, YouTube.


Online videos are a great tool of establishing a brand’s presence online – they motivate people to engage, they get better results than the usual types of ads, and they have a solid chance to go viral, in which case your earnings will skyrocket.


To enjoy the benefits YouTube offers you need to learn how to make your videos compelling to the potential viewers.


We at YBMG have assembled several tips that will help you use YouTube marketing potential to its fullest:


1. Follow the good examples


Plenty of companies out there have already found the winning algorithms that help them receive millions of views on YouTube. You shouldn’t be ashamed to learn from their experience.


Browse through the pages of the companies in your niche, who have built a successful YouTube presence, take notes and find patterns that help them engage the targeted audience and stimulate discussions.


Do not copy blindly. Use their example to create your own unique and high-quality content. What you are looking for is not copy paste material, but behavioral patterns.


2. Link videos to your website


Putting the main website’s URL into hyperlink can help you increase traffic flow to your main website.


You can also post a direct link to the product you are promoting in the video, so that people will find it easier to make a purchase, should they be interested to do so.


You can also include the link in the video itself with the help of Annotations feature.


3. Don’t forget the calls to action


Call to action is a great way to motivate people to engage. You can choose out of a number of calls available.


Here’s what you can offer your potential customers: share, embed the video on your website, subscribe to the videos/channel, find the brand on Facebook/Twitter, comment on the video, visit the channel or blog for more videos.


4. Use the keywords


Using keywords is the best way to make your video effective. The more keywords it contains – the higher it will appear in the search results.


You can use the Google Keyword Tool to find the appropriate keywords that will work for you, if needed.


For example, for the keyword combination “Facebook advertising” you should use the headline “How to Succeed Through Facebook advertising”.


5. Boost your videos


Posting a video on YouTube is not the end of your work. Now you need to make sure more people will get the access to it. Apart from posting it on your main website you can also embed it into your blog, include the link to the video in your newsletter, write posts about the video on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Make sure you spread it as wide as possible.


With these five easy tips, you can easily get all the attention on YouTube you want!


If you have more YouTube tips to share, let us know in the comments.


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