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5 Secrets of Success in Video Marketing

Video marketing becomes easier every day every person owning the smartphone is basically a photographer, reporter and camera operator at the same time. It has become extremely easy to film videos, and for professional marketers even more so.


Video ads are a great way to reach out to your customers, since both YouTube and Facebook are actively promoting their video services.


By using video advertisement, you can widen your reach, grow the following and generate more leads for your website.


Videos attract more attention from the users, they are easier to invoke emotions and make people engage.


We have prepared you a set of quick tips that will help you master the art of video marketing:


1. Do not be afraid


Video marketing is an uncharted territory; however, do not hesitate to wander there. Creating high-quality videos is easy nowadays.


Even if your company doesn’t have a professional operator for filming the videos for promoting your products, that’s no big deal as long as you have a good camera and a tripod. You can invent tons of creative ideas for the product – for example, film some of the events you’re holding or show the working process in your office. Another good idea is to give the potential customers an insight look to how is your product manufactured.


You can even show off some of your products as long as it’s interesting. If you choose this approach, think about using the testimonials – people tend to trust other fellow customers more. Do not fake the testimonials – it can turn into a big hit to your brand.


Remember people prefer shorter videos, so try to make them 5-6 minutes tops. That is, apart from the how-to videos, they can be two-three times longer.


2. Post often


The more videos you publish – the better are the chances for success. Try to update your account regularly so that people get used to checking out your page for updates every day or two-three times a week.


It is also helpful in the terms of search results – your brand and your links will appear higher in the search results.


Remember that expensive videos are not necessarily the best ones. The main factors that contribute to your success are idea, enthusiasm and hard work.


Remember that the attention span for video ads is quite short. You need to catch your targeted audience’s attention during the first 10-15 seconds of the video, otherwise people will move on to something more interesting.


You can also work with other teams to create better videos – this way you can share resources and ideas and in the end yield more results.


3. Find different video hostings


YouTube should be the main channel where you’ll promote your videos. YouTube gets billions views a month, so neglecting this channel of communication with your targeted audience is unacceptable.


The important thing is, on YouTube you can host your videos for free, and it’s also one of the biggest search engines in the world.


You should also upload your videos to Facebook which has recently introduced its own video platform and now strives to compete with YouTube.


This is a great chance for you to get better results, since Facebooks algorithms are preferable to those who embrace its video platform.


4. Write how-to’s


People love manuals and instructions, so it is a good idea to include a “how to” into your headline – your targeted audience will be much more likely to watch those.


7 steps or 10 secrets are very welcome, too.


Another way to engage your targeted audience is using different calls to action, encouraging people take part in various social activities.


Show them that you are a brand with history, lifestyle and ideas. Show them you not only try to sell your product but also care about the world around you.


While making such inspirational videos, remember to be honest about it. Choose topics you are truly interested in, and do not fake engagement.


Lies always show.


5. Pay attention to the analytics


Almost all of the platforms offer you different analytics that can help you understand how your targeted audience perceives your videos.


You can see the unique views, daily views, bounce rate and many other factors.


You can even track demographics and learn which ideas resonate better with the separate segments of your audience.


You can also figure out the tendencies concerning your videos results, make the necessary conclusions and modify your marketing strategy accordingly.


With these 5 simple tips you can gain the results on YouTube and Facebook and raise your sales and brand awareness greatly.


Have you got something to say about promoting your brand via video ads? Share them in the comments below!

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