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5 Best YouTube Marketing Tips

YouTube is a great tool for promoting your brand and product – but few now how to use it to their benefit. And if you want your brand to become popular – YouTube marketing must become one of the key elements of your strategy.


Here are our Top 5 YouTube marketing tips that will become your lucky charm:


1. Keep it Short and Simple


Do not overburden your viewers with long and therefore heavy videos. 5-6 minutes will be enough to make them interested and yet not to bore the viewers. Therefore, make sure all the important messages you want to deliver will fit into that time period.


2. Videos Should Be Relevant to The Topic


Don’t forget about your niche. If you’re in for selling bicycles – that’s what your videos should be about. Irrelevant videos, however great, will not help your mission or raise brand awareness – they will be a waste of time and money.


3. Brand Your Content and Videos


If you film the videos yourself, make sure you brand them and include all the copyrights. So, when your video is shared and posted somewhere else, you still get the credit and can reach your audience.


4. Be Funny


Everyone loves to get a little laugh now and then. Humorous videos get more likes and shares – and make it easier to connect with your target audience. Make your videos differ, make people love them – and they will return to your channel again and again.


5. Promote Your Videos


Marketing and promoting your videos are crucial – otherwise nobody will ever see them. There are several ways of promoting your content. For example, you can create a listing to inform your friends and subscribers about the recent updates on your channel. You can use tools as Squidoo, Hubpages and Weebly. There are millions of other methods: Facebook fan page, Twitter, blog posting and so on. The key idea is – be everywhere.


Make sure your content is of highest quality and the updates are regular. Learn what your audience is interested in and include it into your videos. Be funny, but not ridiculous. Communicate, not lecture.


Then your YouTube account will be an invaluable asset!


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