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4 Keys to Building Successful YouTube Strategy

YouTube is often called the second biggest search engine in the Internet – and rightfully so.  


According to the latest statistics, after Google and Facebook, it takes the third place among the most visited websites in the world (it is also first in the TV and video category).  


YouTube itself declares it has around 1 billion of users, which is easily converted into several billions of views daily.  


Needless to say, YouTube is an excellent marketing channel for the company bent on creating a stable Internet presence and striving to promote its products and services in the web.  


If you use this channel right, your video is exposed to tens of millions of people all around the globe, your views skyrocket, and you get more leads and conversions than you could imagine.  


However, there lies a trap of using YouTube for marketing your product – and it is the same as the main competitive advantage of the website: its size.  


It is incredibly easy to get lost in the hundreds of millions of videos uploaded to YouTube daily. If your channel is not insanely popular yet, the chances of being noticed are horridly slim – and that’s a shame, since you’ve put so much effort into your videos.  


How can you ensure the efforts that you and your team have put into the advertising campaign on YouTube do not go in vain?  


The answer is pretty easy – before you launch your campaign, you need to organize and develop a decent and relevant promotion strategy.  


Unique, high quality, likeable and shareable content is not enough, even though it is the building stone for your success. Even the best of videos can be lost under tons of others – not so significant yet unfairly more watched.  


Let’s make sure that never happens to your videos.  


Take a look at the things you need to consider if you want to build a successful YouTube promotion strategy:  


1. Ranking


You probably know that YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, is owned by Google, the first biggest engine.  


That means it also has the ranking mechanism that influences whether your videos end up in the top search results or somewhere near the bottom.  


Therefore every video you are publishing on YouTube needs to be optimized for the search engines. Pay attention to the descriptions and keywords – they can have an enormous influence on your video’s visibility.  


There are also several other ranking factors to consider: video length, viewer engagement, keyword relevance, number of subscribers and watch time.


You need to remember these rankings if you want to be successful on YouTube.  


2. Content


As we have said earlier, quality content is the keystone for building your success. However good are your videos optimized, without the content that people will like, share and recommend to their friends and followers your account is as well as dead on delivery.  


You need to create original content that will pose some value for your potential viewers and clients.  


People will not spend their precious time to watch your advertisements. You need to move them emotionally, pique their interest, and tell them a story.  


Go for the emotions. Create something new. Make your viewers laugh or cry – both emotions are fine as long as they motivate people to share your video.  


3. Remember about the keywords


Since SEO-optimization is crucial for obtaining good results on YouTube, you are going to want your tags and descriptions to be as packed with relevant keywords as possible.  


Do not simply go with the flow by using the most popular combinations – you should also try looking for fresh and unexpected ones.  


This could help you to leave your competitors behind without investing too much into the campaign.  


4. Promote the hell out of it  


Videos on YouTube can get viral even without a complex advertisement campaign, that’s true. However, you definitely do not want your success to depend on the chance.  


People cannot watch your videos, however awesome they are if they do not get to see them.  


And that’s a mistake you’ll definitely want to fix.  


So stop being lazy and get to your notebooks. Start promoting your videos whenever possible – and that’s quite a wide range, from your brand’s website main page to your accounts in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – everything is fine as long as you have some followers there).  


You can also add links to your videos into your email listings and therefore introduce your subscribers to the topic.  


With promoting your videos, you can get tens of thousands of views more.  


Building a relevant YouTube strategy is the key to succeeding on this platform.  


With our 4 simple tips you will achieve the success in no time!


Please feel free to share your favorite YouTube tips in the comments section below.  

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