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Why Your Twitter Account is Performing Badly

Most brands that are trying to establish their presence on Twitter don’t know how to use it to their benefit. They are trying to use Twitter to sell, whereas that is the worst mistake a newcomer can ever make.


Instead of selling via Twitter, use it for establishing relationships with potential customers and raising brand awareness. That way you can make your targeted audience engage with your Tweets, make people become your followers and later – your devoted customers.


You need to know the mistakes you can make in order to avoid them.


Here are five that are the most common:


1. Your followers gain nothing from your Tweets


If by posting your Tweets you are only trying to gain benefits for yourself, your followers will notice it very quickly, and then in a blink of an eye they will be your followers no longer.


Most users (about 80%, according to the recent data) check their News feed via smartphones or tablets, i. e. on the run, and therefore will read only those Tweets that are really useful for them.


Mentally scroll through your own News feed. Which posts irritate you and make you leave out the accounts you’ve previously read? Was it the flow of the information you aren’t interested in? Obvious marketing? Too much selfies? Boring corporate posts?


Now look at your page and say “no” to everything that might bore or irritate your potential customers.


2. Your tweets aren’t engaging enough


Try to formulate your tweets in the form of a question to trigger a response from your followers. Don’t overuse statements – they do not motivate people to talk back.


Make sure you follow and comment on every hot topic which is relevant to your general niche. Use this strategy to raise the engagement. Even kittens and politics are allowed from time to time, but make sure you’ve thought your position through before tweeting it. Unless it’s kittens, of course.


After all, you always have a final option – to ask your followers for their opinion directly.


3. Your tweets send unclear messages


Keep it short and simple, friend. Most of your followers will decide whether to follow you or not, judging from your bio or profile description. So make sure you have it filled thoroughly and everything they need to know about your company is there.


Include come links to your main website and to the accounts in other social media.


Drop a word or two about your company’s goals and lifestyle. Make them feel involved.


4. You don’t give feedback


To get engagement from your followers in the future you have to engage with them now. What’s the use of their comments if they don’t receive any response from you?


Make sure you monitor all your mentions and respond to every question your followers ask.


Of course, you cannot satisfy absolutely everyone, but shoving that you respond and that you care will multiply your engagement.


It will also make your existing followers more loyal.


5. Your tweets are bleak


Make sure to accompany your tweets with bright, relevant and high-quality images.


Data shows that tweets that include images receive up to 35% more engagement. Images can draw attention to your tweets that otherwise would have been lost in the News feed.


If the images are fun and relevant, they will heighten your chances for likes and retweets.


If you avoid these five mistakes and learn your lessons from them, Twitter will become a great help in your brand’s promotion.

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