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Top Twitter Tips to Promote Your Small Business

From the first glance it might seem that Twitter is the easiest way to promote your small or medium business without wasting a fortune on it. After all, the platform has about 100 million daily users, who send more than 500 million tweets a day.


Potential for marketing your business on Twitter is enormous, that is true.


You would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to achieve the same effect, were you promoting your brand via more traditional means.


But now you can reach customers from all over the world without having to spend a single dime on it. All you need to do is to establish a proper social media strategy.


However, only few small businesses know how to truly use social platforms, namely Twitter, to their full advantage.


We have collected several tips that might just do the trick:


1. #Hashtags are the key to Twitter success


Hashtags (#) are placed in front of the keywords, so they are easier to find. A post with a trending hashtag can make your post go viral in a matter of minutes.


Trending hashtag can be connected to a certain topic, to a news event or a niche. And if you know how to use them properly, they can become a great help in the process of promoting your business.


Enter the topic in the search bar and join the discussion. Keep an eye on the most popular hashtags, too.


Don’t hesitate to use hashtags, otherwise even the brightest of your posts may pass unnoticed.


2. Engaging the audience is extremely important


It is much better not to have a Twitter presence at all than to have a dead account. Account that is not updated regularly is a sure traffic and customer killer.


Who is going to trust the company that updated its Twitter account two years ago? Potential customers will think your company is long dead, and they as well might.


You cannot interest people without engaging with them.


Make sure you tweet everyday but also keep them relevant – babbling nonsence is not the best way to gain trust.


Vary the topics. Talk about the news in your niche, then mention an important event, give some personal tips or share your company’s stories.


3. Make your page personalized


Nobody likes people that simply try to sell their product. Become a trusted friend to your customers. Develop a personality.


Tweet things that are relevant to your niche but are also interest and relevant to your customers. If you tweet about the company’s events, add a bit of personal touch here and there.


Show your followers that you are a human being just like them.


4. Developing a neat strategy is a must


Without a relevant strategy all your efforts might be in vain. You need to think two steps ahead and understand how to beat your competitors both at the moment and in the long run.


You need a strategy so that your tweets do not get lost in 500 million that are sent every day.


Start from planning your future posts – you can use different online tools to schedule your posts.


Control the general idea that gets to your followers.


5. Username is the first thing your audience sees


First impression is important, that is why your username must be both catchy and relevant. The easiest way, of course, is simply using your brands’ name.


However, if it is too long, you might use an acronym as in YBMG going for Yellow Blue Media Group.


By doing so you can save yourself more characters for an actual message you want to deliver.


6. Design is the second thing that catches the eye


Choose pleasant colors for the design – probably in your brand’s color scheme.


You must also choose the photos of the highest quality and crop them according to Twitter demands.


By doing so you make sure your brand’s page looks both attractive and highly professional.


7. Consider following relevant people


Keep your Twitter feed relevant by following people that actually work in your niche or are somehow connected to it.


Then you will have the higher chances of knowing everything that there is to know about your niche. Moreover people who share your interests are much more likely to follow you back.


Twitter is the most dynamic of social platforms. It changes rapidly, constantly and it demands your constant attention.


Use the tips you’ve read about to be two steps ahead of your competitors.

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