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The Tao of Twitter: 5 Steps to Glory

Is Twitter the best way to connect with your customers, promote your brand and boost sales? Mark Schaefer, who had recently wrote The Tao of Twitter, believes that the answer is yes – all you need is a right strategy.


Here’s his top 5 tips on the matter:


1. Learn how to use Twitter correctly


Schaefer believes most companies still cannot grasp the unique capabilities of Twitter: uts open nature, real-time feed, advertising platforms. Schaefer is sure that “Twitter provides an unparalleled platform for business networking and for customer discovery.”- it just has to land into the right hands.


2. Remember, followers are not customers


Not yet. Lots of followers does not necessarily mean all of them are intent on buying something.businesses often misjudge Twitter’s role in the marketing mix and over-estimate the value of Twitter followers” – warns Schaefer.


3. Take control


There are rumors about Twitter’s decline – some of them might even be true. But that mustn’t stop you.“The beauty of Twitter is that you are in complete control of your experience. If your audience becomes boring, find new people to follow, tune the annoying people out, discover the athletes, artists, writers, and other heroes you love and tap into their lives through Twitter to make it fun again”, - says Schaefer.


4. Connect to the target audience


Twitter can help you determine the tastes and habits of your ideal audience and provide you with the most precious data. Schaefer elaborates: “People organize descriptive lists of their favorite people, customers,leads, competitors, etc. Most of these lists are public.”


5. Stick to the right timing


There’s no point in trying to connect via Twitter with the people who are sleeping at the time. Also, according to Schaefer, posting all day long might also be not the best idea: “It’s ideal to leave at least 30 to 60 minutes between tweets, but of course if you get into a great conversation, that rule goes right out the door.”


Schaefer believes in Twitters perspectives – it’s fast, convenient and has a good potential for growth. Even though it is less popular than Facebook now, Twitter might yet fin in the long-term perspective.


So don’t miss your chance to make use of it!

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