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Six Things That Could Kill Your Twitter Popularity

Twitter is one of the main social platforms you can build your Internet presence on. As of date, it boasts almost 300 million users - and we're meaning active ones - so the possibilities of widening your follower and customer base via Twitter are enormous.


Yet, even though Twitter is incredibly popular and offers great possibilities, many brands are making the mistakes of adopting the wrong strategy or making the moves, as the result of which they don't get the effectiveness they desired.


If the engagement with your tweets is low, this means you are among those brands which adopted the flawed strategies, and you need to modify them fast, if you want your brand or product be successful and loved.


Here are six of the most common mistakes brands make while developing their Twitter marketing strategy:


1. You share everything in a short period of time


Overloading your followers with the excessive or even totally unnecessary information is a sin punished by Internet anathema, remember that and try to keep it in mind every time you plan another update.


If you are everything people are able to see in their news feed when you are updating, and these updates happen every day during a short amount of time - coming like an avalanche - people will quickly get bored and irritated, which, in turn, will almost surely lead to the sad outcome of them unfollowing you for good.


To avoid that, break your updates and schedule them for different time periods: no more than a post in 30 minutes of even hour, several in the morning followed by ones at noon and in the evening.


2. You talk about your brand only


Not to mention it is the blatant boasting, nobody's interested in following brand that offers no exclusive and useful information except for the data concerning its own product prices, sales and contests.


Don't be that boring brand. Talk about general topics which are somehow interesting for your targeted audience and relevant for your niche, and offer some unique information, pieces of advice, or expert opinion.


This will encourage people to follow you and to engage with your posts more actively.


3. You retweet every @mention of your brand


That's another kind of narcissism than mentioned above, yet no less dangerous. While sometimes endorsing your followers and retweeting mentions of your brand might be useful, you need to be careful and retweet the content of the highest quality only.


Blatant retweeting of every mention of your brand can prove both annoying and harmful for your reputation as a professional and your followers count.


4. You post too much of negative news


Trust our experience, people already have enough on their plates - with all the wars, terrorists and global warming - and they don't want to hear these bad news all over again from their favorite shampoo brand.


Awareness in general is good, but beware commenting on sensitive topics too actively - it can harm you more than help.


Do not overload your followers with utter negativity if you do not want to lose them overnight. Build your posting strategy in a smart way.


5. You hide your profile from followers


Privacy is good with individuals, but when it comes to public brands, a closed profile looks downright suspicious, and that's the worst foundation imaginable for building a stable Internet presence.


Avoid raising uncomfortable questions about your openness, transparence and reliability among your followers.


That's why you need to keep your Twitter lists open, too. Prove that you have nothing to hide.


6. You are rude


That is impolite, for starters, and incredibly bad for a brand trying to build the reputation for itself in social media. And if you are rude with your clients and followers, the supposed anonymity of the said media won't save your brand.


You need to be polite with everybody, even with the fiercest critics, and then you will undoubtedly succeed.


Do not endorse your competitors in the niche by being rude to your followers and potential customers. Think twice before showing your anger.


Twitter is a source of great opportunities for brands and marketers. Do not waste these opportunities!

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