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Six Secrets of Twitter Success

If you want your brand to grow with the help of Twitter marketing you are going to enjoy the strategic tips we have prepared for you.


They will show you how to boost your results, get more conversions and lead and, ultimately, also increase your sales.


There are some interesting peculiarities to dealing with Twitter. This social platform is designed for short messages, and the length of the posts is limited to 140 symbols, which is why you will have to make the most of it.


With the length of Twitter posts you will have to refrain from republishing your company's press releases and serious texts (you can post links to your blog posts, though). Twitter is not about narrating, it's about communication. That's exactly what customers want from you and exactly what you need to do.


Your main aim is to make people engage with your posts, and we will show  you how to do it.


Take a look at these six simple yet ingenious tips:


1. Make a good first impression


And that means decent, high quality profile picture in your brand's colors. Make sure it radiates the image you want to pursue.


Also do not try to change it too often, otherwise your followers will have to work hard to remember it - and that would play to your disadvantage.


Remember that your biography should look almost the same in all your social media profiles. You do not want your potential followers to think you are trying to deceive them or hide something.


2. Take part in the action


To make your Twitter account popular, you need to be active. It means participating in discussions related to your business, retweeting interesting posts and engaging with your existing and also potential followers.


Do everything it takes to pique the interest of your targeted audience and motivate them to reach out to you.


This way you'll receive the possibility to turn them into your loyal customers.


3. Retweet your followers' posts


That is a good way to show genuine interest in people who follow you. By retweeting them you'll make a statement: you read your newsfeed, you take notice of your followers' opinion, and you are interested in building relationship with them.


This tactic will also help you update your Twitter page more often.


People whose posts you have retweeted will also more inclined to follow you even if out of pure courtesy at first.


This will give you the opportunity to turn them into your faithful fans.


4. Promote some of your posts


Make sure your posts get retweeted, discussed and engage people into the conversation. Try to encourage the dialogue.


Motivate people to mention your company and retweet your posts, and you'll see the number of your followers grow very soon.


5. Refrain from spam


The worst thing you can do to a new follower is send him or her an automated direct message. Those are not only useless to growing your following, they even tend to have the opposite effect since most people find them annoying.


Do not automat your conversations with your followers. Instead, make them as genuine as possible.


6. Create quality content


First impression matters, and it can help you get new followers. But in order to make these followers stay with you, you will need interesting, professional and high-quality content to offer your potential customers.


Follow the main news and trends in your niche to choose the best topics and heighten the chance of your posts going viral.


With these tips, you will be able to always use Twitter to your advantage.

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