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Seven Tips to Build a Powerful Twitter Strategy

Twitter is a great help for a company aspiring to leave behind the competitors and grow its business by expanding its presence in social media. With the possibilities this social platform gives you, your brand can turn into a real blast – provided you plan the campaign right.


If you want to connect with your audience and use the perspectives for growth, globalization and boosting your sales, Twitter is one of the best ways to do so.


Provided, of course, that you know how to use the advantages of Twitter for promoting your brand, which isn’t a very easy thing to do, especially now, when almost every marketer who’s worth something understands how important the strong presence on Twitter is.


Twitter can create the link between the world of social media and your website, motivating your followers to check out at least your main page and learn more about your brand.


In Twitter, you need to post around 5-10 tweets a day in order for your followers not to forget about you. This rate of posting is nearly unavoidable. However, that creates a content problem, because most companies would have a hard time writing more than several articles a week – and some of them, even more than several articles a month.


That’s why you will have to find some ways to add more content to your posts – you can do that in a number of interesting ways:


1. Post some photos from your events


If your company has been organizing some offline events, make sure you create a good online coverage for them in your Twitter account.


You can invite some opinion leaders from your niche, ask your employees to tweet about the event rom their personal accounts and then retweet their posts.


You can even go as far as creating your own branded hashtag and promoting it through your employees and followers.


2. Reuse the old information


Twitter posts have quite a short lifespan, so if something was posted a couple of weeks or a month ago, nobody probably remembers if anymore.


So you can tweet some posts you think valuable up to several times.


3. Reorganize the old posts


If you are for some reason ashamed to post old tweets again and again, you can always scramble the information you consider the most valuable from them and offer it to your followers in the form of the infographic, for example.


4. Retweet others’ posts


If other people write about your company or post some information you consider interesting for your followers, you can retweet it (provided you include the original author of the post).


5. Use DrumUp to find content and save time on posting


DrumUp is an online app you can use to schedule your posts to the certain time or even several days in advance. It can be a great help for planning your social media strategy and freeing your hands for the more urgent matters.


By the way, you can even use the repeat schedule option for the tweets you find the most important, and bookmark some in the library to use them later.


With the help of DrumUp you can find loads of fresh and high-quality content – and, mind it, every day! It will totally solve your posting problem – swiftly and effectively.


You can even use the recommendation stream for scheduling right away.


And DrumUp can offer you the RSS feeds to simplify the process of scrolling through the content that is recommended for you.


6. Use Hashtagify to improve your tweets’ visibility


This service will give you the full analytical data on the effectiveness of your hashtags, so you’ll get the possibility to learn which one get you the most engagement.


Once you have the content and postings figured out, the next step is to optimize your content to gain maximum visibility.


When creating or choosing the hashtag, always remember about the SEO-optimization. Choose hashtags that your potential clients would use to search for the product or services you are interested in. It can help you widen your following base.


With Hashtagify you’ll be able to analyze and boost the performance of your hashtags. It can also help you the most popular hashtags among the already existing ones and choose the most effective set of those.


7. Visit Pixabay to strengthen your visuals


Posts containing some visual additions get up to 30% more engagement than the usual ones. And Pixabay is a great source of free high-quality images. All you need to do is to type your keywords into the search field and voila – here you go.


Make sure the size of the picture fits the Twitter requirements. The best is to keep your pictures 440x220 pixels.


MakSevene sure they fit into these dimensions and don’t get cut off by the system.


With these seven tips, you will surely be able to build a powerful Twitter strategy, and your content will always keep the followers interested.


Feel free to share your own tips on conquering Twitter in the comment section below! 

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