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How to Make Your Twitter Bio Hilarious

When you are trying to build a Twitter presence for yourself or your brand, it’s crucially important to remember about the profile description since it is the first things that new visitors get to know you by.


A good bio should be thoroughly filled, supplemented with all the necessary information, contacts, link to your brand’s website and a couple of words about your company’s lifestyle.


However, you cannot simply fill in the aforementioned information and rest assured you have done everything possible to make your profile description attractive.


There are several small rules, which, if followed, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your profile description and raise your page’s visibility on Twitter.


We have gathered 7 easy tips that are easy to follow and yet will boost your performance greatly. Take a look a them:


1. Make it meaningful


Since you only have as much as 160 characters to speak your mind in Twitter, you absolutely need to make sure every word and every character matters. You need to make your bio as strong and engaging as possible.


Do not waste the precious space for watery statements. Hit it with all you’ve got.


Also do not hesitate to rewrite your bio if your brand achieves something new, thrilling and worth mentioning. Keep up the pace!


2. Remember about the keywords


One way to make your profile description meaningful and increase your visibility in the search engines is to pack your bio with keywords as much as possible.


Check, which keywords are the most relevant to your niche and act!


Try to put yourself into the shoes of your potential customers: what are they thinking about and, more importantly, what are they searching for.


If you excel in this task, your following will increase greatly.


Hashtags are another useful thing that will help you get more fans – however, do not use only the most trending ones, it will be too easy to get lost among the competitors.


3. Tell about your values


Selling, interestingly, is not enough to promote your product and make your customers return to you once more.


You need to build a brand with a human face, and in order to do that you will have to tell your customers about the values you share, the things you believe in.


Also tell what you’re doing to protect these values. Maybe your team takes part in recycling effort, gives to the charity or helps the immigrants. Do not be shy – tell people about this and encourage them to support you and your values.


By doing so you’ll differentiate yourself from the competitors and earn some loyal fans.


4. Use the company’s name


This will help you greatly in raising your visibility on Twitter and in the search results in general. Even if the page you are promoting is personal, it doesn’t hurt to be affiliated with your brand.


This way, you and your brand will be able to endorse each other.


5. Get rid of the outdated terms


Words like marketing guru, life hacker or social media expert were pretty cool in a day. However, that was like five years ago, and now it’s high time to put them into the garbage bin.


Unless you want to be thrown there yourself, of course.


Try to come up with something better – you are a marketer, after all, you are supposed to be witty an creative.


6. Talk about your achievements


Show people they can trust you and you know what you are talking about. It is extremely important to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche if you want to succeed.


That is why mention all of your significant achievements you are proud of.


Those can be books, exhibition, awards, lists – anything that matters is fine.


7. Being witty never hurts


Boring description is a dead description. Try to entertain people with your description, not only inform them, and as a result you will gain more views, retweets, likes, followers and customers.


Show them you are not simply a logo.


A human face is essential for a brand that wants to succeed.


Make sure you follow these tips if you want your Twitter bio to be effective.

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