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How to Get People to Retweet You

That’s one hell of a question, right? Sometimes people just don’t seem willing no matter what you do.


Let’s shuffle through a quick list of tips that will make your tweets more clickable, and your account more popular:


1. Be persuasive


The same rules apply to the article headlines and tweets: they must be catchy, sharp and hint on some additional information that can be received after clicking on them.


2. Get the right keywords


If you know what people are looking for one Twitter – you’re one step away from success. Keywords can be different – from “Guide” or “Top 5” to “black hole singularity”. What’s important – these keywords must be relevant for your target audience.


3. Hashtags


Twitter search is hashtag-oriented, so they are a must. Use hashtags that match your audience’s interests: #marketing, #socialmedia, #SEO.


4. Timing is key


Try to post when most of your followers are likely to see your tweets (i. e. are online and awake).


5. Participate in Twitter chats


Take part in Twitter chats on topics you’re expert on. It will help your click-through rate a lot. Here you can find a Twitter chat that might be suitable for you.


6. Do not overburden your followers


Posting ten tweets in ten minutes is a horrible idea. We are sure you fully understand, why.


7. Link your Twitter profile to other social accounts


It will help you in creating interconnections between your followers and friends and get more of them.


To connect LinkedIn and Twitter, log in at LinkedIn and go to Settings > Manage Twitter Settings. Check the box In the pop-up box that appears for displaying your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile.


8. Get more followers


The more followers you have, the more people will see your posts through retweets or likes. So work hard on getting more followers. Here’s a great post on getting more followers.


9. Only the best tweets


If you decided to post it, it’s better be awesome. You don’t need dead tweets with 0 retweets hanging on your account like a dead weight.


10. Your tweets should be between 120 and 130 characters


According to analyst Dan Zarrella tweets between the lengths of 120 and 130 characters have the highest click-through rates. You know what to do.


11. Analyze the results


This overview isn’t the ultimate truth or panacea: every case is individual; every situation depends on the audience. So make sure you always analyze which steps were successful and which were not so much and draw the appropriate conclusions out of the data received.


Only then will your Twitter account become a powerful tool for promoting your brand or cause.

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