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How to Create a Professional Twitter Profile

You might think that growing your following base is enough for becoming successful on Twitter. But the fact is, the more followers you get, the more littered your account becomes. You get a lot of inactive followers that add nothing to your actual reach and brand awareness.


The quality of followers is no less important than their quantity.


If your Twitter account is well-managed, it heightens your engagement and gets you more likes and retweets, therefore attracting more potential customers.


We decided to offer six ingenious tips on how to clean your Twitter account:


1. Get rid of inactive accounts


Check the list of Twitter users you are following. Define those who have updated their accounts years ago and let them go without further hesitations.


However, if you have a large amount of users you are following, unfollowing them one by one might turn into quite a headache.


Many online tools can assist you in the task of cleaning your account from unwanted followers. You can pick UnTweeps, for example. This tool performs a quick scan of the accounts you follow and provides you with the list of inactive ones. The only thing you need to do is define which users you consider inactive (the ones who haven’t posted anything new for a year, month or week).


The reason for deleting inactive users is the fact that you are allowed to add only 2 000 followers at once, and then you’ll need to expand your following base to add more. The ratio you need to reach is kept secret.


There are other services that can be useful: Tweepi, Crowdfire and iUnfollow.


2. Delete irrelevant users


Quite often we follow back every users that follow us, especially when we’re only starting to establish our Twitter presence.


However, that leads you to following many people who are irrelevant to your niche and offer you no actual gain. That is why you need to unfollow them.


You can either unfollow everybody at the same time (it is a drastic measure, though, and you might appear rude to your ex-followers) or to scroll through each profile you are following and decide whether it should stay that way.


If you’ve chosen the second option, choose Following on your profile page and start scrolling. That is a lengthy process, but you won’t lose someone important that way.


You can use some of the tools from tip 1 to ease the process and save time.


3. Use Twitter lists


With Twitter lists you can organize all of your followers and people you follow into the relevant groups: family, friends, clients, partners, competitors etc.


Choose Lists on your profile page and click Create a new list.


Click on Following, then the settings icon next to the user and select Add or Remove From List in order to include/exclude them form a chosen list. Then choose one of the lists you have or create a new one.


With lists, filtering users you follow becomes super easy. You get separate news feeds for each sphere of your life.


You can also make a list private if you do not wish the competitors to see it.


4. Modify your Profile


Your Twitter profile is another thing that needs to be cleaned up immediately. It is the first thing people look at when they decide whether to follow you or not, so keep it professional.


Here is the list of things you might want to check:


- Your name or a brand’s name (make sure everything’s relevant);


- Profile photo (400 x 400 pixels) and header (1500 x 500 pixels);


- Theme color and design tab of settings;


- A filled biography and a link to your main website.


5. Try pinning a Tweet


If you pin a Tweet, it is going to be the first thing people see when they open your page.


It can also redirect to your website or other accounts in social networks.


Choose the tweet you want to pin or tweet a new one, then click three dots in the bottom right corner of your tweet. Press Pin to the profile page.


The tweet is pinned, you are good to go!


Don’t forget to refresh a pinned tweet every week or two.


To unpin, choose the three dots on the bottom right and Unpin From Profile Page.


6. Delete irrelevant Tweets


Get rid of the posts that are no longer relevant and can have a bad influence on your followers.


Everybody has the tweets he or she regrets.


When it comes to a brand’s page, those can be quite harmful, so choose the Delete option and feel free at last.


Clean up your profile so that potential customers know they are dealing with extreme professionals!

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