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Four-step Twitter Strategy for Small Businesses

Very few small businesses have mastered the use of Twitter to its full potential, in order to explore all the advertising possibilities this social network provides.


Social networks have become an important tool for advertising in the Internet in the last few years, and they can provide you the access to the unimaginable amount of followers and potential customers and partners.


That is why every small business that hopes to be successful needs to think about establishing a proper Twitter page and keeping it active at all times.


That raises a question on how to develop a content strategy that will allow you to leave the competitors behind and raise to the ranks of top Twitter performers.


We have prepared four simple tips that will help you get started:


1. Control the quality of your content


Content is what defines a company’s page success in the first place.


Since most users think of Twitter as of a news feed of sorts, you need to make sure the content you post is always fresh and up to date.


But there still is a lot to learn about the rules of posting in Twitter.


Of course, you need to inform your customers about the new arrivals, sales or events, but you cannot simply promote yourself in every post.


Besides, you do not get enough news about your company to keep your news feed alive and running.


Try following the rule of 3rds:


- One third of the content should be about your brand itself;


- One third should be about your niche, but not the brand;


- One third should be devoted to interaction with your followers and customers.


This system will help you in keeping the feed balanced and interesting.


2. Always encourage discussion


Social media are so popular because they create opportunities for interaction. The social media users expect that they will have a possibility to comment on your post, share or criticize it.


In Twitter you also need to adapt your posts to make it more shareable and open for discussions.


You have 140 characters available on Twitter, however, better limit your posts to only 100, so that they will be completely visible even when shared.


Remember one of the main marketing rules and keep your posts short and simple.


Statistics also shows that shorter posts are more likely to be retweeted than the long ones.


 3. Schedule your posts


You need to learn tweeting at the right time, otherwise you may end up with lots of followers but no actual posts interaction.


Determine the best hours when your followers will have spare time to pay attention to your tweets and then plan your schedule accordingly.


Use scheduled posts if your audience lives in different time zone.


Moreover, scheduling posts allows you to update your account regularly and strategizing in advance.


4. Be careful when using hashtags and media content


Using trending hashtags and adding media content to your posts is one of the sure ways to grow your following and boost engagement.


That is especially true for Twitter.


However, that is not the universal recipe, and people might get bored and irritated if every tweet of yours is overloaded with hashtags and media.


Try using different strategies and combinations in order to find out what plays well with your audience.


Twitter may yet surprise you.


In order to succeed on Twitter, plan the right content strategy, update regularly and communicate with your customers openly.

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