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Five Twitter Tips for a Successful Start

These five Twitter basics will navigate you through a process of creating an interesting and popular account:


1. Create a profile


It’s a first step needed to conquering Twitter. But simply setting up a profile is not enough – you need to do it right. Fill all the bio fields, upload a profile picture, start posting actively. Filling up your bio is necessary so that people who open your profile could be motivated to follow you.


2. Become a follower


You’ll need the opinion leaders, favorite brands and companies and friends in your contact list. Make sure their posts are interesting to you, and content – actually valuable. It will also help you in learning the Twitter etiquette as fast as possible.


3. Engage and communicate


Many newcomers prefer to stay quiet at first, but that’s no way to become popular. From your first day on a platform you need to like, retweet and follow posts and accounts you like or consider useful for your business.


4. Tweet!


You can’t build your audience on mere retweets and comments, so gear up and start tweeting yourself! A cute picture? Tweet it! Interesting event coming? Tweet it? Thought of something important or funny? You know what to do. Under no circumstances should you stay silent (although tweeting your every sneeze probably isn’t the best idea). Before tweeting make sure your content has some added value in it.


5. Start the advertisement campaign


Time to promote! Your blog, website, Facebook page. Install twitter button or some banner ads. Organize some contests, start live chats, give away presents – it will help you to attract new followers and cheer up the existing ones.


Come on, get started!

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