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Best Twitter Tips for More Engagement

Best Twitter Tips for More Engagement

This year Twitter experts have introduced the best practices that are necessary for making a successful business page on Twitter.


They come in a wide variety – from tailoring your apps for a certain operational platform to creating limited time offers that serve both as motivators and calls for action and therefore make your audience engage with your content more eagerly.


With this tips you will learn how to expand your reach on Twitter – and so much more!


Look at the top 10 practices that prove to be most effective for running Twitter.


1. Choose the right operational platform


Make sure all the photos are of best quality, right resolution, and that the dimensions are also measured right.


Another important thing to remember is that you should learn in advance what operational platform your audience prefers and act accordingly. There is no bigger mistake than to promote iOS app with Android photos (believe us, there is a difference, and there will be people among your audience that will surely notice it).


So keep the product tailored to the needs of your followers.


2. Use your connections


You have worked or are affiliated with some important and famous brands? Don’t be shy and use this fact to your company’s advantage!


That surely doesn’t mean you need to proudly pronounce and spread your entire contact list, but a little mention here and there definitely won’t hurt. This way you can promote your brand through the ones that are already loved and famous.


Organizing a concert? Mention the players!


3. Talk to people


Even though some things may seem elementary to you, it would be dead wrong to assume they are such to your customers, too.


Promoting always mean an explanation. To enamor potential followers with your brand you have to tell them everything: how did you start, what are you proposing, help them get familiar with your brand’s lifestyle and the team.


The more they know about it, the easier it will be for them to trust you.


And, in time, to become a devoted follower and customer.


4. Remember the geography


This one is pretty similar to one of the previous tips recommending not to sell an iOS app with Android photos. Similarly, it wouldn’t be wise to promote in Honolulu with the photos from Brazil.


Keep your photos and advertisement local: it will make it easier for your customers to associate and relate and therefore make a decision to buy the proposed product.


Geography is a vital element of a good advertising.


5. Keep the calls to action relevant


In other words, always use the correct buttons. If you want your followers to expand some text, give them the “read more option”, “Use app” for the ones that have already downloaded it.


Make it easy to understand which concrete action is offered. Don’t let your followers to become frustrated over the difficulties.


6. Make it look urgent


All your bargains, offer and calls to action should have a limited time frame, so tour followers will fill the urge to act on them as soon as possible. Timeless offers are far less motivating.


Yet another valuable piece of advice is not to start panic. Try to keep it positive and don’t threaten your potential customers.


Make them feel special since discount applies only to them and for a limited time.


7. Fight distractions


Sometimes when people aren’t distracted with such things as hashtags and handles they engage more willingly. It can bring you up to 23% more clicks.


Keep your customers focused, because hashtags and handles may lead them elsewhere, whereas your goal is to make them click on your link and nothing more.


So #avoid distractions.


8. Tell the customers about your ratings


If other people get in discussions over your brand, make sure you share it on your Twitter page, as well.


Use every opportunity – your product reviews, looks posted with your brand clothes, discussions and photos.


Find a right balance between sharing and bragging, and this will prove incredibly useful!


Tell the customers how pleasant was the experience with your brand for other people – and they will surely check it out.


9. Don’t hesitate to ask


Want people to engage with you on Twitter? Ask questions that will make them engage. Have you noticed what we did there?


Starting conversation is much easier in a form of a question, so make sure to use this possibility to your advantage.


Also, remember to redirect people to your other articles in the end of a page.


10. Create a roadmap


It would be wise not to leave users after they’ve read your post or article. Give them the next step so they will stay with you longer. Offer them to read something else, to buy the exquisite dress you’ve been talking about, read the book you mentioned or download the app.


Make sure it doesn’t look pushy. You are not giving orders; you are just interested in communication. If you can make people understand that, it will surely pay off.


Make sure you have tried all the ten strategies mentioned: after you determine which ones work best for you, choose accordingly.


Make sure you do not dully implement everything mentioned. Each case is unique and therefore requires slightly changing the strategy.


Be invested, keep it personal, and you will definitely succeed!

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