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Best Ideas on How to Get More Retweets and Followers

Do you try to promote your brand via Twitter, but the results are still far from excellent or even promising?


Do you spend lots of money and efforts in vain, while your competitors enjoy tons or retweets without even lifting a finger?


Do you spend nights wondering what could've gone wrong and working hopelessly in an effort to fix whatever needs to be fixed?


The truth is, you probably work hard but do not think very far.


In order to get more engagement from your followers - and also grow your following at the same time you need a well-thought through strategy. You need to know what to tweet, how and, most importantly, when.


And we are right here to show you how to do it.


Here are 8 tips that will make your tweets more retweetable:


1. Master the hashtags


Going viral on Twitter is all about the hashtags. This social platform is extremely hashtag-oriented, so knowing which of them are trending can be pretty vital for your success.


Here's how to determine which ones will work best for you.


First of all, hashtags - any relevant hashtags - are a matter of vital importance on Twitter. They help Twitter users to find stuff, they make your tweets searchable, you cannot go on without them.


However, do not get overexcited. Two or three relevant hashtags are usually enough to give people the idea what you're talking about.


You can also use online tools like Hashtagify and RiteTag to ease the process.


For Hashtagify, type the hashtag you are looking for in the search bar and click on Enter. Done!


In the results list, you will receive the most popular hashtags that are relevant to your query.


All you need to do is pick the ones you like bests and get back to tweeting.


For the RiteTag, after authorizing with your Twitter account, type in your tweet in the Compose new tweet field and get the analysis and rating for each hashtag you are using.


It might be a good idea to create a library for your future tweets on the same topic.


2. Use the proper format


In order for your Tweet to become popular, you need to get all of its main structural elements right. In other words, the format of the tweet is just as important as the hashtags which we've already discussed.


Remember the simple rules of creating a properly-formatted Tweet:


- The text always goes before a link;


- If you mention someone, start their name with @ to generate a link to their profile;


- Now it's time for a hashtag. Do it;


- Post an image to add something extra.


Remember to keep the order exactly as stated above - it's very important.


You can also use several other ways of spicing up your tweets:


- Adding quotes (possibly blended with the images) instead of simple links to the article you want your followers to read.


- Engage in discussions by @mentioning people (make sure they are not the only ones seeing your responses. Never start your tweet with a @mention unless you want to keep private).


3. Make your quotes relevant


It's pretty easy to get overexcited with all those quotes out there. that is why you need to remember one simple rule that needs to be followed.


Keep the quotes relevant. They need to have some value for your customers.


The Quote tweet option has 116 characters limit for a quote retweet.


But do not simply retweet it! Add your own opinion on the matter. Add a joke. Show that you care and, most importantly, think.


By doing that, you make a first step to establishing yourself as an opinion leader and an expert in the niche you're working in.


Speak up, do not shy away!


4. Leave the links behind


Did you know that tweets that do not contain links get shared much more often? That is why you need to post some of your posts without those.


By doing so, you show you do not blindly retweet everything that comes your way.


You actually make people believe that if you share some link, it is definitely deserves being clicked on.


You also demonstrate your page is full of unique content and that you have enough independent thoughts to be well without links to the external resources.


Get more engagement by abstaining from links once in a while!


5. If you share a link, add an image to it


So, you've decided to post another link after all. Now you need to balance it in order to make people like and retweet it despite the link.


Adding a nice image to the post might be an excellent idea - after all, posts containing images get shared 30% more often.


You can use unique photos made by your photographer or use photo stocks to get them if the photographer is temporarily unavailable or nonexistent whatsoever.


Some online tools that can help you find relevant images are available as the apps for Android and iOS.


There are plenty of boosts to get your performance up - even if  your tweet contains a link!


6. Use your popular tweets to develop a strategy


Your popular tweets can serve you more than one time. With their help you can determine your future strategy and make your next tweets resonate with your audience.


Twitter offers its own analytics tool that will help you achieve that easily and painlessly.


The process is fairly simple.


You open Twitter analytics, choose Tweets at the top of the page - choose Top tweets and choose the period you are interested in.


You will get the list of tweets that received the most engagement.


By finding the pattern you can boost your future strategy.


Learn which posts get more warm response from your targeted audience, modify your posting strategy and act accordingly!


7. Bookmark the things you want to retweet


You can create Twitter list in order to find things to read and retweet - for example, you can create different lists for celebrities, the most devoted fans of your brand, colleagues, partners and opinion leaders in your niche.


Add these accounts to your Twitter lists and never miss a tweet!


With Twitter lists, organizing people who post interesting and valuable content, has become incredibly easy and pleasant.


You can also create separate lists when you're organizing an event or contest.


Try the Twitter lists and you won't regret it!


8. Know when to tweet


Time zones can be a royal pain for a big brand. Besides, people sleep, work and rest, so not every time is optimal to tweeting something you want your targeted audience to see.


Also, take into account that Twitter feed updates very fast, and the Tweet can easily get lost if posted in the wrong time.


Use the Audience tab in your Twitter analytics menu to determine when is your targeted audience the most active, and modify your strategy accordingly.


You can also use Tweriod to learn more when is it better to post according to your audience's location and demographic.


Get as much exposure as possible with Twitter analytics and Tweriod.


To tweet is easy, to get noticed - not so much. In order to get more followers and succeed in promoting your brand via Twitter, use these 8 tips.


Try them in different combinations and let us know how it's working out for you!

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