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8 Rules to Get Your Event Trending

Event planning is a hard work: you need to assemble a team, prepare the speeches and presentations, and manage the whole process. That is why every marketer is happy to see when it pays off.


And nothing is better than to see how the event you’ve put so much effort in is trending on Twitter.


Of course, promoting a hashtag is another piece of hard work.


There are several principles that heighten the chances for your event to get noticed on Twitter.


We’ve prepared several useful tips for you:


1. Do the online streaming


Twitter is the kingdom of hashtags, and branded hashtag is a ultimate possibility to gather all your followers and visitors before and after the event.


To make that possible, choose one hashtag for the event and promote it tiselessly.


Encourage your followers to do the same, for example:


Tweet #YBMG_twitter_tips to join the conversation!


Display the hashtag on all the branded elements, screens, displays etc. Make it as noticeable as possible. You can even sell merchandize with the branded hashtag included.


At the event, display it on screens, posters, collateral, giveaways, t-shirts, napkins, pre-presentation slides, and pretty much everywhere you can think. Also make sure you tell people to use the hashtag and follow the hashtag for event updates.


2. Make sure your social media manager is ready


Make sure our SMM specialist knows the answers for all the questions that might arise during the event.


It might be a good idea to create a FAQ-list so that your social media manager could answer all the possible questions swiftly and professionally.


Remember that all the content must be created in advance so that you’ll simply post it and still have time for real-time conversations.


Don’t forget the branded hashtag!


3. Visualize your content


Tweets followed by photos or images get 150% more retweets. That’s true.


So don’t be lazy and generate as much of visual content as you can: post photos of the speakers, design, discussions etc.


Make sure every image is of the highest quality and responds to all the Twitter’s dimensional demands.


Video clips are a must, too.


4. Remember about the contests


Get people to make your branded hashtag trending. All you need to do is to announce a contest and make sharing a photo from the event with your branded hashtag a requirement for taking part in one.


Reward the most active users with free tickets, merchandize and acknowledgement.


5. Use geolocation services


Mark where your events are taking place by enabling the location services on Twitter.


Since Twitter makes it inactive by default, remember to switch it on before you start tweeting about the event.


By enabling geolocation services you give Twitter users more chances to find the information about your event.


You can also find and retweet interesting posts and photos about the event.


6. Photograph everything


Did you know 78% of tweets made after events are photos? Make sure every single photo tells something about your company.


Brand everything you can reach.


Hire a photographer to make photos of guests and then them the photos via Twitter.


Or do it with your team, if the budget is strained.


7. Find the sponsors


If you get yourself some sponsors it can help both with organizing the event and sharing it on Twitter and other social media.


Get them to actively promote you.


And of course, promote them in return.


This can be a win-win partnership and a breathtaking event.


8. Use the influencers


Invite people that are famous or considered the experts in your niche to take part in your event as speakers.


You can also make photos of them and use those to engage more people not only from your followers and targeted audience, but also from theirs.


Give them a Q&A session, for example – such things go viral in a blink of an eye.


With these tops you’ll be able to sit back and watch how your event hashtag is trending. 

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