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8 Reasons Why You Need Your Startup to be on Twitter

If you’re engaged into the promotion of a startup, internet marketing is a crucial necessity for you. It is through marketing that you can find business angels, venture investors and potential partners who can help you to turn your startup into a highly successful and popular project that will bring you money and fame.


Nowadays marketing is impossible without the social media. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest offer marketers a range of new ways to promote their brands to the customers and reach the targeted audience.


Among the social platforms mentioned, Twitter is the most dynamic and innovative one, therefore it is crucial for a startup owner or the person who manages the marketing campaign in the company.


Through Twitter you can express your ideas, inform the general public of your startup and rally up the support (and possibly even find an investor).


Moreover, nowadays literally everybody is on Twitter. All the people you want to reach – investors, businesspersons, journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders and potential customers – are already there.


However, achieving these goals via Twitter is not as easy, as the development of proper Twitter strategy and the promotion of a startup demand two things that all the startups genuinely lack.


You’ve probably guessed these two things are time and money.


Can you still get investors, fans and press attention with the help of Twitter? Definitely! But there are some rules you need to remember first.


Here are 8 reasons why you need to embrace Twitter and the ways to succeed there:


1. Twitter is free


If you’rejust setting up your startup, you are probably very stressed on budget and have incredibly scarce resources.


To promote your business on Twitter you do not need to invest substantial amounts of money into your campaign.


You can even do it without investing a single dime into it.


People from all over the world can be easily reached via Twitter – it won’t require serious effort or money.


A great advantage for an aspiring businessperson looking for investors and partners, don’t you agree?


The price/output ratio of Twitter promotional is incredibly favorable for a startup.


2. Twitter is easy to use


Twitter is basicallythe simplest social platform in the world – that is, concerning the complexity of its use.


It consists of short pieces of content that are easily digestible and pleasant to learn.


Writing Twitter posts is much easier than preparing long posts for Facebook or blogging platforms.


In 140 characters, you can do wonders – once you get a hold of Twitter, you’ll be unstoppable!


3. Twitter is search-oriented


Twitter search is a great way to find a specific tag, topics of interests, people from your industry, influencers and potential clients.


To commence Twitter search, you simply need to type in your Firefox or Chrome.


You can also use different online tools like Zoomph to find the opinion leaders. Ranking makes finding the ones you need extremely easy.


With this tool, you can also analyze the performance of the content you post.


4. You can get some great content on Twitter


The powerful dynamics of Twitter has a peculiarity that can make your life as a marketer pretty hard. To successfully promote your brand on Twitter, you need to constantly generate large amounts of unique, helpful and interesting content.


Try to hit on both quality and quantity - on Twitter, both these aspects are truly important for a company that wants to succeed.


Generating ideas can be pretty hard sometimes, so here're some ideas on where you can get your inspiration:


- Follow the most popular hashtags to see what's currently trending;


- Browse through the news;


- Read the opinion leaders in your niche to get some insights and new incentives.


It might be helpful to create a couple of Twitter lists consisting of influencers you follow, targeted by topics, so you don't need to do the search over and over every day.


5. Twitter allows scheduling


As a startup developer, most of the time you're pretty busy working on your product, so you won't always have time to update your Twitter account.


Doing this regularly can be quite distracting and become quite a pain. That is where the scheduling option comes in.


Plan your tweets a week ahead and work on your startup without worrying about the updates!


There are plenty of simple and convenient online tools that will make post scheduling a pleasure. Make sure to use them for your benefit!


6. Twitter builds connections


Twitter helps you meet new people, create the networks, communicate with business partners, save time and money.


You can even pitch potential clients there.


To make your networking efforts on Twitter truly work for you, consider running online chats once in a while. Make sure you also use and promote your own branded hashtag while organizing the event.


You'll see these chats will make your audience and follower base grow.


7. Twitter helps build trust


You cannot become a successful businessman if people - your potential clients among them - do not trust you.


Through Twitter you get a unique opportunity to create your company a human face, make audience feel for you, relate and trust you.


Make sure you actively communicate with your customers, respond to the Twitter @mentions and show that the customers' opinion is important to you.


Twitter format also allows to communicate less formally with your audience - and genuine free speech is always more attractive.


8. Twitter boosts brand awareness


Twitter connects tens of millions of people from different corner of the world. No advertisement campaign would be as helpful in raising the brand awareness.


For an aspiring startup, publicity is everything. And on Twitter you can find what you're looking for!


Focus your long-term strategy on building brand awareness step by step - if you go viral in the process, that's great, but you can't build your strategy on it. You should not depend on it.


As a startup, you face a problem of limited time and resources, especially financial ones. With Twitter, you can easily overcome these challenges.


All you need is a decent strategy - and you just got some nice pieces of advice in this post. So get ready and start your climb to success!

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