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7 Tips to Making Your Brand Visible on Twitter

When you first start using Twitter for marketing, it may seem difficult and too complex to grasp at once. Which tweets get viral and which ones don't, and what is the reason for this? How often do you need to update your page and which types of content are a sure way to expand your follower base?


As you progress with establishing a Twitter presence, even more questions might arise, and they are not always easy to answer.


Each brand and each case are, of course, unique.


However, there are certain rules that will raise the chances of commencing a successful marketing campaign and establishing your brand's presence on Twitter in a way that will contribute to your sales and general success.


Here are 7 basic tips that will help you do it:


1. Make your profile unique


You can use your logo and your brand's colors for it. Make sure everything you use is of highest quality and definition, and the dimensions are all in accordance with Twitter requirements.


If you brand your profile right, then every visitor that glances at your page will immediately understand where he is. He will remember you, and that is just what we need.


However, make sure not to appear too formal. Be as user and visitor friendly as possible so that they would return to you once more.


2. Use Twitter lists


In order to keep track of the people you are following, and that's going to be quite a large number soon, create lists so that you don't miss anybody.


Create separate lists for your competitors, for opinion makers and business partners, and for experts in your niche.


Twitter allows you to keep the lists public or private.


3. Post unique content


Retweeting the posts from your blog or Facebook account is not the greatest way to conquer Twitter. That is why you need to keep most of the content that you are posting to your page unique.


You must learn how to interest people with your posts, and in order to do that, you need to communicate and inform, rather than try to sell.


Posting news on your event or a sale is fine once in a while, however, make sure you also write posts that are not connected to your brand directly and also will be of use to your followers.


They can also help you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


4. Promote your Twitter account on other platforms


If you also have a presence on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else and perform better there than on Twitter, then it's time to use that possibilities for promoting your Twitter account.


A good way to do it is to post a link to your Twitter in the description or add a button to your main website.


Besides that, add a Twitter tab to your Facebook page. On your Facebook page, go to the menu, then click More and  then Manage Tabs.


You can also embed tweet into the body of your blog. In order to do that, open the HTML code of the blog post and then add the previously copied code.


5. Use the hashtags


Twitter is made for hashtags. No kidding. That is why to get your posts viral you will need to learn how to use trending hashtags.


Check the main page to see what hashtags are currently trending in your niche. Then make sure your post will not be lost in the endless stream of other tweets.


Also, you need to remember not to overuse hashtags. Two or three are fine, but posts with fifteen hashtags can get pretty irritating.


So do not warm out your welcome.


6. Update your page regularly


Twitter is the most dynamic social platform in the world, so you will never succeed if you tweet once a week.


You don't have to start from a tweet every fifteen minutes, but update the page at least 1-2 times a day.


That will help you make sure your followers will not forget about you.


7. Find the ideal time


The trick to this is, there is basically no ideal time. Or there are plenty - all depends on how you put it.


Each case is indeed unique, so you need to watch your followers in order to understand, which time of the day is best for them.


Once you do, try to update when most of your followers are online and active.


With these rules the complexity of Twitter will be not a distortion, but an advantage both for you and your brand.

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