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7 Tips to Engage With Your Customers on Twitter

Twitter is a treasure for a brand planning to expand its Internet presence. Twitter offers you a unique opportunity to connect simultaneously with potential clients, followers, possible business partners and influencers from all over the world.


Through Twitter, you can make your voice be heard by millions of ears, your posts seen with millions of eyes.


There are many ways your brand can benefit from using Twitter: you can grow your following base, connect with opinion leaders, increase the traffic flow to your website, generate leads and become an opinion leader yourself.


But what is the most important, it’s that Twitter allows you to create a deeper and more personal connection with your targeted audience.


You can learn which moves and topics work well with your audience and which ones don’t and modify your strategy based on data received.


So take a look at how can you connect with your potential customers:


1. Work with your VIP customers


There are different ways to define a VIP customer. The person can be considered as such if he or she buys your product or services regularly. It can also be a person who actively participates in the life of your brand – attends the events, engages in every contest or activity you offer, comments and shares your posts.


Make sure you keep track of the people who you consider to be the brands VIP customers and make use of them.


For example, you can create a separate Twitter list for these people and check what they’re writing about you – it can turn out to be extremely valuable information.


You can also invent some ways to offer bonuses to these valued customers to encourage them into even more active participation.


2. Be responsive


Connecting with your customers is the crucial thing for a brand. That is why you need to respond to every customer who tries to engage with you, even if he or she posts critical questions.


Even if it’s not a service-specific account, but a general page of the brand make sure you get back to the customer who engaged you into the conversation as soon as possible.


It also concerns people posting comments under your posts on the page.


Such responsiveness will show that you genuinely care about your targeted audience and take time to consider the comments.


Note the hours of operation in the profile description if you cannot respond all the time. That concerns the brands whose resources are scarce.


3. Connect with them first


If the customers are slow to reach out, do not hesitate to do so yourself. There are many ways to make your audience engage – from creating exclusive branded hashtags for your events, posting with hashtags that are trending in your niche.


These ideas are good for contacting your audience in general.


However, you can also engage some people specifically by @mentioning them in your tweets. Make sure you place @mention after the message, otherwise the person mentioned will be the only one to see your post, making it useless for marketing and broadening the dialogue, which is your goal in this case.


4. Create a face and a voice for your brand


Your Twitter page should be an extension of your campaign in general. This is why you cannot just place the responsibility for organizing it on some random interned and rest.


You need to promote not only your product, but also your brand’s voice and lifestyle.


Make sure everything your post falls in line with the lifestyle you are promoting, and with the values and general idea of your brand.


5. Engage on personal level


When you send support messages via Twitter, make sure they are personal. People prefer to communicate with a real person – this way they are sure they do not get an automated reply from a bot of some kind.


You can make your representatives include a signature in their tweets. Make sure it’s short – Twitter still has character limits.


With personal engagement, people tend to be happier about the customer services.


6. Create bonuses for devoted fans


Loyalty should be rewarded, don’t you think? You definitely have a group of people who constantly engage with your content, comment, like and share your tweets. They create you a good publicity, so in order to motivate them engage even more actively.


This is a great tool for a social media promotion.


Make sure you offer the most loyal of your customers discounts, special offers or bonuses of other kinds.


7. Pay attention to the analytics


If you want your campaign to be successful, it might be a good idea to start using CRM and social intelligence software. The insights they provide can be crucial for understanding your audience ad modifying the promotion strategy.


To make use of the insights, pair up your client database with the Twitter handlers. Make sure you respond equally to them nondependent on what means they use to reach you.


These 7 tips will ensure you’ll build strong and healthy connection with your targeted audience and make your brand prosper.


Let us know about your company’s experience with Twitter in the comments below!

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