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7 Steps to Succeed with Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter has 316 000 000 active users a month and, however, you still struggle to get your tweets noticed. What went wrong and how to fix it?


Twitter indeed creates a large cloud of data noise – every day 500 million of new tweets appear. In order to survive this competition, break through it and get to the customer you need a smart strategy. However, it’s not only about being noticed. As a marketer and a representative of a brand, first and foremost you want to grow your brand awareness and sell your product.


That means you need certain audience – people who are potentially interested in products or services you offer and therefore can become your devoted followers and future customers.


That leads us to a problem – how to find those people in the massive crowd that is Twitter?


Finding the right audience is possible with the help of Twitter ads that will boost your engagement and grow your following in no time – provided you lead the campaign the right way.


Twitter ads may be difficult for a newcomer, so here are seven steps that will help you succeed:


1. Establish your advertising goals


You cannot succeed if you do not understand the result you want to get in the end. That is why first and main tip is to establish your strategy as quickly as possible.


Set several goals that are crucial to your campaign and make sure they are possible.


With Twitter ads the process is much easier as goals are built into the platform itself. You will have to choose an ad objective while building it. You can choose between website clicks/conversions, followers, leads on Twitter and several more possible goals.


You don’t have to stop on one goal – Twitter ads support the unlimited number of those. If you set the goals right it will help you define the audience you’re aiming for and monitor whether the campaign is moving in the right direction.


You will also be able to analyze whether your campaign was successful or not, and why.


2. Discover the organic results


You don’t want to waste money, right? Those are hard-earned, and there is no point in paying for what you can get for free.


There are 12 types of social media content that you can test on Twitter organically. You will see which content gets you the most engagement, makes your audience react.


Do not promote things that are already dead – promote content that is fresh, interesting and can actually attract your potential customers.


Put your money behind posts that have a perspective.


If you see that a certain topic is considered interesting by your followers, promote it to show it to more people and get even more engagement.


This means your post will bring you actual results.


3. Discover your target audience


You must know not only what your aim is, but also whom you are aiming for.


Targeted audience is the key factor in your future campaign’s performance – it is no enough to show your posts to large amounts of people, you need to show them to the right people.


You can target people based on several factors: location, gender, age, level of education and many more.


You can also create specific lists - based, for example, on your mailing list, to target those people directly.


Another tip is to similar target those who are similar to people who are already following you.


That can be a great way to expand your following base further.


4. Start building your ad


To build an ad, you will need to log in your Twitter ads platform and deliver the payment information.


Then the algorithm is plain: first, you start a new ad campaign, give it a fancy name, elaborate on how you’re going to pay for it and enter the period during which the campaign will be running.


Then you choose one of the six objectives and one of possible formats:


- Promoted Tweets;


- Promoted Account;


- Trending topics;


- Native video ads.


After that chose the targeting options you’ve decided on during the previous step and move to building your ad. Don’t forget to choose the types of content you have already tested organically.


5. Move to the budget and bid


The cost of the Twitter ad may vary depending on the choices you made before (targeted audience, type of content, objectives, etc).


The average price for Promoted Tweets varies from 50 cents to $10, for example.


Promoted Trends are way more expensive of course.


You can set several figures, starting from the overall budget for the whole campaign to the daily maximum.


As soon as you reach your budget, Twitter automatically ceases showing your ads, and that is convenient since you won’t have to do it manually.


Twitter ads function on the bid system with marketers competing for the services. Your ads will start working as soon as you win your bid. The process is completely automated.


6. Monitor your campaign performance


To spend your money wisely, you need to get the analytics on which of your ads perform well and which ones not so much. With the help of Twitter you can learn the stats for:


- Conversions;


- Impressions;


- Spending;


- Costs-per-click;


- Click rate;


- Link clicks.


Make sure each one of those performs well enough in order to decide which ones you will keep pushing.


React quickly, adjust your strategy right in the middle of campaign and make it more and more effective.


7. Do the rotation


People get bored, and then irritated, if they are shown the same ads over and over again. And they can get irritated much faster, then you will convince them to buy your product.


That is why you will need to rotate your ads.


Keep your ads shown for 3-5 days, maybe a week, then switch to the new ones. After a certain period you can come back to the ones you used before.


Such strategy will help you in increasing the ad performance.


And, what is the most important, it will keep you on the good terms with your potential customers.


With these seven tips you know everything necessary to launch a new Twitter Ad campaign.


And if you follow the strategy we offer, this campaign will be nothing short of legendary.

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