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4 Keys to a Successful Twitter Strategy

Most people think that the key to conducting a successful Twitter marketing campaign is expanding your reach. It is not exactly true. Of course, expanding the number of followers does help, but quantity doesn't always mean quantity. Certain users with 1000 followers can gain more success than those who have 3 times more.


Size of the audience, though important, isn't crucial to building a successful Twitter marketing campaign. The key is how you engage that audience and make your followers not only like your brand, but also truly relate to it.


You need to start from building conversation with your audience. And to inspire communication you should learn to post content that sparks interest in your followers and/or benefits them in some way.


Think about two things: what can you give to your followers through the content you are posting? What are people looking for when they search for your brand's name in the Internet or follow your page in social networks.


These are two questions you are going to build your marketing campaign on.


And here are four marketing tips that will help you find the right answers to these questions.


1. Know your product


However strange that may sound, there are very few Twitter marketers that are fully aware of what they are trying to promote. Most people think it's enough to share some random niche-related articles, post pretty photos and videos they find amusing.


There is no harm in sharing someone's article once in a while, but there's no benefit to your company in it, too. And you're not dealing with your personal page, where such shenanigans are well in place. We're talking about brand marketing, and you cannot let a single post go to waste. Each one of them must benefit you and your brand.


Learn to form your Tweets in a way that will bring you that benefit. Use them to lead followers to your main website, to your Facebook or Instagram account, to your blog. Use your possibilities!


Of course, your benefit is your main goal, but make sure the audience doesn't feel cheated. In order to make people to return to your page once more.


Therefore, you might decide that marketing your blog is the best option. And here's why:


First, your blog articles contain exclusive, interesting content that will benefit your audience. Not to mention the said content is free. If the posts are interesting enough, it will motivate people to read it regularly and check out your products, too.


Second, you can easily promote your social networks pages in your blog - either in the profile description or inside the posts themselves.


The important notice is to make sure your blog is relevant to your targeted audience's tastes. You certainly don't want to promote kitty houses to dog lovers.


Outright promotion of your product on Twitter isn't the best strategy. People don't like brands that try to blindly offer them something without building a relationship. Don't make that mistake. Make your fans your friends, and they will buy your product.


Just don't push too soon and too hard.


2. Automate your posts


In some cases real-time tweeting is useful, but for a highly effective campaign you need to make the process go automatically. It is possible with the help of online tools such as HootSuite. There are both free recourses and paid options that give you more flexibility.  


To build an effective Twitter present it is best to schedule a tweet every 20-30 minutes. If that seems too much for you, then take it slow and start with one-hour gap. But you will need to speed up your tempo eventually.


Don't be afraid to overburden your Twitter followers with your posts - Twitter is a dynamic social platform, and people here love active brands that refresh their feed often. It will grow your follower base.


3. Analyze your results


There's no surprise in the fact that some of the Tweets you're posting will get more engagement from your followers than others. That is why you need to analyze your tweets in order to understand which posts, videos or photos are the most popular with your audience. Through that you will learn which topics are better to leave out, and which to expand.


Analyzing your marketing strategy is easy with the help of TwitterCounter. With this service you can receive up to six months of statistics free of charge. You will learn the daily number of your tweets, the number of users that followed you and the number of pages you followed in return.


You can also use Tweriod to make the most out of your followers. With this tool you can see how many of your followers are currently online, and even schedule the posts you want to get the most attention to the peak hours.  


If you analyze your statistics thoroughly, this will tell you whether the strategy you've implemented is working well for you, correct the mistakes and modify your plan accordingly.


4. Listen to the professionals


Every niche, whether it's banking or gardening, has its opinion leaders. And most of those opinion leaders are present on Twitter. Most of them have a huge following base and know how to grow it even wider.


They usually tweet a lot, and there are a lot of free incentives you can receive from their posts. So analyze your niche, choose several experts whose opinion you respect, and start learning from them.


Look at the marketing techniques they use, topics they choose for their Tweets and incorporate all that knowledge into your own Twitter marketing strategy.


Simple tweeting is not enough for becoming successful. If you want to receive real results, not just toy around, you need to build an effective marketing strategy.


Building that strategy may prove a time-consuming process.


But it will reward you with a real boost to your brand's popularity.

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