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15 Quick Tips to Build a Strong Twitter Presence

To become a successful brand, you are definitely going to need a strong Internet presence. And that includes having active accounts on the largest social platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Twitter is the most dynamic of social platforms and therefore the hardest to master.


This social platform has 320 million active users monthly; and 80% of users visit Twitter via mobile devices.


That means that Twitter is irreplaceable in our age of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.


However, it's not all that easy.


Since Twitter is so dynamic, it is truly hard to start promoting your brand there - your tweets get lost momentarily under the pile of other tweets.


To succeed, you need to stand out and learn to attract attention with simple 140 characters - because that is exactly what you're getting here at Twitter. No more, no less.


Now, when you understand the problem, let us proceed to proposing you a way to solve this problem once and for all and make your brand a true Twitter champion in the process. With a courage and a proper strategy, impossible is nothing.


Let us introduce you to some tips that will do the trick:


1. Set up your profile


People who visit your page for the first time, will get the first impression of you based on what they see in your profile.


Needless to say, the way you organize it and fill it with the necessary information, is extremely important.


First, you need to write a detailed, interesting and witty profile description that will tell your brand's story and give user a brief impression of what you're doing exactly.


Profile picture and cover photo are vitally important too. Remember to make sure your photos answer all the Twitter requirements (especially when it comes to the dimensions). It might be a good idea to design them in the same style, preferably using the brand colors.


2. Master the hashtags


It's nearly impossible to imagine Twitter without #hashtags. They help users navigate in the flow of tweets, find posts connected to a certain topic.


Check out which hashtags are trending to make sure they work for your advantage!


Use several #hashtags at once - at least two or three per tweet. #quicktip #FYI


You can also create your own branded hashtags for certain events you're organizing and encourage people to use them.


3. Remember about the keywords


Another quick tip that will help you broaden your brand's reach is to use relevant keywords in your tweets.


That will influence how the search engines see your page and your tweets, and get you a better place in the search results.


Not bad, right?


Remember about optimizing your tweets for search engines.


4. Add photos


Even though a title of a social platform for photos is usually given to Instagram (or Tumblr for that matter), images are a sure and a fan way to promoting one's brand on Twitter, too - what a surprise.


Studies actually show that tweets containing images can get up to 33% more engagement - likes and retweets come in package.


So adding a relevant high-quality image to your tweet is a nice way to boost your results.


5. Engage your followers


Give your followers possibilities to speak out and connect with you.


Ask questions, make questionnaires, quizzes, contests. Encourage them to share stories about their experience with your brand.


6. Initiate discussions


Start conversations and always give feedback. React to critique and, most importantly, try not to keep people waiting for too long - that's bad publicity.


Try to connect with your followers, make them relate to you on personal level - and they will become not merely your fans, but also devoted customers.


And by generating those you are building your core audience, that is vital to a brand that is aspiring to develop and reach true success.


7. Befriend opinion leaders


You surely know more than several people in your niche, whose opinions are valued by almost everybody connected to the sphere.


Those experts and opinion leaders can become a great asset for your promoting campaign.


Try to make contact with them and agree on the terms they can help you. Offer some of your services - or your friendship - in return.


Do not hesitate to reach out!


8. Do not steal


Have you used someone's quote, post or image? Give credit where it's due! By @mentioning the author you show your professionalism, honesty and empathy.


You are also widening your reach by reaching out to the author's followers - which is especially useful if he's an opinion leader.


Yet even if he isn't, you are still showing you're honest and responsible, and that adds to brand's image.


9. Post regularly


If you've decided to promote your Twitter account, it is extremely important to update it. Make at least 5 tweets a day.


The best amount is between 15 and 30 tweets a day, yet even 5 will show the fans you're keeping your page alive, so it'll suffice.


10. Schedule posts


As the holidays are drawing near, you might have less time for promoting your page. However, it doesn't mean it should stay dead over the course of holidays.


Use the variety of scheduling tools that Internet offers in order to schedule some posts for the holidays.


Make them festive or timeless - all to your liking.


Remember that emotions usually go well with holidays - so consider writing something nice, about hope, family or values.


11. Use lists


In order to organize the people you are following, you can use the Twitter lists.


With them, you can group the people you're following by sphere of work, location, their relationships with you whatsoever.


Trust us, that will make your work a whole lot easier.


12. Remember: short and simple


Twitter is a platform for witty catchphrases and funny one-liners, so try and keep it short. Even though you have 140 characters available, there is no need to use them all every time.


Sometimes all you want to say fits into 75 characters perfectly.


Be laconic where you can.


13. Deliver to your fans


Do not make it all about you and your success. Do not resort to turning your page into simple advertisement banner.


Make sure information you are posting not only benefits you, but is also interesting and useful in the eyes of your followers.


Then will come back to your page again and again.


14. Do not overestimate quantity


Because quality is still more important. Do not overload people with useless tweets.


Speak up when you truly have something to say - and soon you'll see that you've became a true opinion leader yourself.


15. Use analytics


Knowing which tactics and tricks work, and which ones - not so much, is very important for a marketer who's aspiring to be successful.


You need to know what your followers think, understand what they want, in order to turn them into your customers.


So, always keep a watchful eye.


Did you like our Twitter tips? Tell us in the comments below how they're working for you!

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