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10 Short Steps to Creating a Twitter Presence

There is no doubt that social media marketing is a highly effective tool for promoting one’s business and building a strong online presence for a brand.


With social media, you receive a possibility to connect with millions of potential customers – after all, it is hard to find a person nowadays who’s not present either on Facebook or Twitter.


According to Forbes research in 2014:


- 78% present of the people who took part in the survey admitted that company’s posts in social media influence their buying decisions;


- 90% of users review the videos about tech they are about to buy;


- 81% admit that posts by friends influence their buying choices.


That means that brands need to consider their presence in social media and rethink their strategies in order to use the resource that can become their ticket to fame.


We want to offer ten short ideas on enhancing your brand’s performance in social media.


They are really short and simple:


1. Be active. Tweet as active as you can – it is the main contribution to your success.


2. Amplify your messages, don’t be greedy. You cannot succeed without investing.


3. Use post scheduling so your page is updated even when you sleep.


4. Don’t advertise, communicate.


5. Inform and not only sell.


6. Use the link in your posts to attract more traffic to your main website.


7. Respond and give feedback to your audience. Show that you care.


8. Don’t get too excited over hashtags.


9. Remember that posts with photo and video content get more engagement.


10. Create social media campaigns, not separate messages.


With these ten short tips you will see how many benefits you can receive from being actively present in social media.


Try them out and find some new tips on your own!

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