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How to Make Your Pinterest Account Effective

Do you struggle to promote your local business via Pinterest, yet all your efforts and all your pins remain unnoticed and underappreciated, no matter how hard you try? The problem might be in the poor knowledge of the Pinterest algorithm, which leads to you posting in the way that allows the platform simply bury your pins.


No wonder you don’t get all the followers, leads, conversions and the surge of traffic to your main website that you were hoping for!


However, do not despair: there is a way to rebuild your Pinterest strategy and receive the results you need.


And in order to do that you need to understand that simply pinning more is not enough to build a successful Pinterest strategy and attract enough followers and potential customers to your main website.


What you truly need is to make each of your pins as effective as possible. And there are tactics that will allow you achieve this goal with the minimum effort and, what’s important, without the necessity to waste too much money on it.


Here come four simple tips to improve your pins and get your brand more Pinterest exposure:


1. Do the monthly cleaning


If you don’t want to get lost among the other pins, you need to learn that the only way to achieve good results is to guarantee that Pinterest algorithm will consider your account a high-quality one.


Provided you are viewed as a high-quality account, Pinterest will recommend your pins and your boards to other platform users more eagerly.


Which, by the way, can become a foundation stone to your future smashing success on Pinterest and growing sales.


In order to keep your account clean and high-quality, spend some time every month cleaning the pins that got less than five repins. It will guarantee the best quality of your account and the attention of the users.


2. Repin only the popular pins


You can easily give in to the temptation of repining every awesome image that fell into your eye. It can easily ruin your position in the rating.


When you are planning to repin something, you need to check out two incredibly important things:


- If these images are relevant and potentially interesting for your targeted audience and whether they will be interested in repining it;


- How many repins does the original pin already has – it will show you what you can hope for.


Look at the downside of the pin to check for the existing repins and do not bother repinning those that didn't excite the audience before.


You also need to remember all the link need checking prior to repinning- after all, you do not want to lead your visitors to the nasty websites or give them broken links.


When repinning, use the most popular of your boards.


3. Use different types of analytics


To get you the best results, your website needs to be verified on Pinterest - it will give you some extra credibility. Moreover, as soon as you verify your website, you'll get the possibility to see your stats on Pinterest.


Through the statistics you'll be able to distinguish, which of your pins repinned from the company's main website get the most attention from your targeted audience.


You can also add Pinterest to your referrals in the Google analytics. This approach will help you take the best of the two platforms, getting the complete and comprehensive view of your situation.


Knowing which pins give you the most traffic, you'll learn more about your audience's interests and will be able to choose pins that will make the aforementioned audience engage with you more eagerly.


4. Check the board elements' search visibility


Sometimes if the board you were counting on does not give you the desired traffic, the simple tip that can help change the situation without wasting too many resources on it is just renaming the underperforming board.


You can do it in several clicks with the help of Edit Board button.


You can change not only the board's name itself, but also such elements as the category it falls into and even the cover image.


Make sure the description is properly optimized and filled with the keywords relevant for your niche.


Sometimes you might need to change the name of the board several times until you find the one that will be popular with your followers, but the leads and conversions you'll receive in the end are worth it.


If performed right, these simple steps guarantee your account will get a smashing popularity on Pinterest.


Make sure you follow them.


Also, feel free to share your own insights on how to gain popularity on Pinterest!

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