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Five Steps To Succeeding On Pinterest

Pinterest remains one of the largest media-sharing social websites, boasting 176 million users all over the world. 100 million of those have an active presence on the website. It also has pretty clear demographics, as 85% of Pinterest users are women.


Pinterest is mostly used for pinning online images people like and sharing them with their followers.


However, Pinterest is also an invaluable tool if you are a small business seeking to boost your Internet presence.


You need to set a Pinterest business account and consider starting a comprehensive Pinterest advertising campaign if you want to connect with your local targeted audience and turn these people into your loyal customers and followers.


You can also change your personal account into a business one. You will need to wait several days for the changes to take place, though, as your account will need to be approved by the Pinterest employees.


But if you’re ready to take things one step further still, you can set up a business account to launch a Pinterest advertising campaign. An existing personal account can be changed into a business account; just be sure to allow a few days for your account to be approved by the Pinterest team.


As a small business, you can use two main types of pins to engage more followers and increase your visibility.


You can use either Buyable Pins, a shopping service for iOS and Android within the app, so remember that their effect is limited. You can also use Promoted Pins that make your existing Pins become visible at the related boards.


Here are five easy but effective tips that will make the task of promoting your business on Pinterest successful:


1. Use unique and high-quality images


Images are the main thing people are looking for on Pinterest, so you’d better not disappoint your potential clients and fans. Make sure the images you are uploading are of the highest quality and answer all the Pinterest’s requirements.


Try using mostly unique images, and if you do not have a possibility to hire a professional photographer or make good ones yourself, you can turn to the stocks, but pay close attention to the copyrights and always credit the author.


You can also feature your brand on the photos, along with your products – it is totally fine. However, make sure brand’s logo isn’t the only valuable thing in the pin you’ve just made.


2. Add the text description to the image


Pinterest has pretty strict rules on that one – for example, you don’t have a possibility to add a call to action to your pin, leading users right to the page where they can easily purchase your product they have took a liking to.


However, you still can use the plain text added to the image to give a short explanation of the pin’s purpose and meaning.


Use this option to explain people where they can find your product or to transfer the message you want them to get.


3. Optimize your pins


The description that is added under the pin itself is extremely important for the overall visibility of your pin in the search engines.


That is why you need to be extra smart while writing the said description; make sure it is optimized properly to bring you the leads and conversions you need.


Use keyword-rich phrases and ask your SEO specialist to take a look at your descriptions before publishing the pin.


The better your pins are optimized, the easier it will be for the search engines to find and index them. It can be a real boost for your business, so don’t miss the opportunity.


4. Pin the image to the board


This is necessary to make sure your ad will also increase traffic to you Pinterest boards, thus raising your brand’s visibility and popularity on the platform.


There are lots of options – from using your brand’s existing boards to creating the unique ones for the current campaign only. Try both ways in order to determine which one suits you best and brings you better results.


The main thing is that it should be a board managed by your company, not a shared one or whatsoever.


5. Make sure your pins have meaning


The thing about the good pins is that they shouldn’t be simply pretty images. They should contain some ideas in order to make people relate.


To get as much engagement as possible, start with considering a message you are planning to transfer to your audience via the pin.


Try to implement your brand’s lifestyle and values into the images you are pinning – and their descriptions, too.


Now you are almost ready to start your advertising campaign on Pinterest. However, we have to remind you about one more obstacle on your way that may hinder your plans.


Pins that are about to be advertised need Pinterest approval


Usually the process of getting that approval is no big deal, but there are several mistakes that may lead to you getting a rejection.


Pay attention to avoiding those: not enough content on the landing page, bad hashtagging or overuse of the hashtags, inappropriate calls to action, all kinds of prohibited content and prices stated in the pins.


Now you have in your hands all the keys that will make your advertising campaign on Pinterest extremely successful.


Use our five tips and avoid the mistakes we have warned you about, and you are good to go.


Do not forget to tell us about your successes in the comment section below!

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