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Best Tips for Quick Pinterest Marketing

Have you decided your Pinterest strategy has failed?


Are the results irrelevant to the time and efforts consumed?


Then get ready for the revolutionary strategy that will help you to market ten times more effective in just minutes a day.


To implement the strategy we’re going to introduce you will need a Pinterest account. That is, if you haven’t started one yet.


To do so, get a Pinterest business account and thoroughly fill in your profile. Set an appropriate profile picture. After that you need to go through one more step and verify your brand’s website with your Pinterest business account.


After that you will need to add Pin It and Follow buttons and widgets to your website. If you so desire,you can also enable the rich pins.


Now we can finally move to the strategy itself.


Here are 6 easy steps to your success:


1. Make a few repins every day


Repin to your Pinterest boards for at least three to five minutes a day, and results will be immediate.


To find relevant items to repin, enter keywords into the Pinterest search field. To add additional search terms offered to you by Pinterest, click on the words under the search bar.


To make a stable presence on Pinterest, pin and repin to your boards on the regular basis. After that the search will refresh, presenting you with possible relevant content to repin.


Before repining check if the links are working and relevant.


You’ll need only 15 minutes a week for this strategy – and yet it will increase your reach greatly!


2. Schedule pins for weekend


You have a possibility ho schedule your pins. With that option you can keep your account active even on weekends.


There is a variety of scheduling apps for Pinterest: ViralwootTailwind and Buffer. With their help you can schedule your pins for any time you prefer.


To keep your account alive you need to post five-six pins over a couple of boards at weekend.


3. Follow your competitors


You need to know what is going on in your niche, and for that try following your competitors. The said competitors can be found via Pinterest search.


You’ll need to add three to five pinners to your following list a day. But keep in mind you need to choose them properly.


Before adding someone review their profile and recent activity to learn whether they are worth following and will come in handy.


It will only take five minutes a day.


4. Comment on others’ pins


Watch out for the interesting pins in your niche you can comment on. Liking pins is one thing, but you also need to engage in a conversation from time to time.


Make at least one comment a day.


Size doesn’t matter here – comments can be short or long, that’s entirely up to you. Make sure it inspires discussion and isn’t simple boasting.


Three minutes a day and 15 a week will be enough to run check on that.


5. Generate exclusive content


Among the things that you pin to your boards the images crafted by yourself take an important niche. Add them to the blog posts or pin without the text support.


Pinterest dimensions for the images are 735 x 1102 pixels. You can create pins via the tools like Canva.


Post five images a week – better prepare them in a row, it saves time.


It will take you approximately 25 minutes a week.


6. Analyze


Pinterest Analytics allows you a great insight to what you’re doing, and you should check it out every week.


It will take you about five minutes a week, but will be a great help in evaluating your pins performance and managing the general strategy.


Learn from your lessons.


About 20 minutes a day – and your Pinterest audience starts growing, sales amplify, and the brand awareness raises!


Tell us if these tips were useful for you. What tricks do you use on your own?


What is your secret to Pinterest success? 

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