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Best Tactics for Becoming Visible on Pinterest

Have you ever wondered how to make your brand more visible on Pinterest? We have the answer.


To make potential clients become aware of your company, engage with you and tell their friends how awesome you are, you need to take several steps that will make your presence on Pinterest matter.


Here are top 7 of them:


1. Inform people of your prices


Pinterest is different from other social platforms, because people here aren’t simply to watch pretty pictures. They intend to buy something, and your product may be just the thing.


That is why you shouldn’t forget to include a price tag into every new pin you create. The data shows that pins with the price added receive 36% more engagement than the ones without.


Remember that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn altogether.


As a businessman, your ultimate goal is to get your Pinterest followers visit your main website and make some purchases, and price tags are a way to do just that.


Just remember not to give into the shameless promotion. Make sure your pins are useful to your followers, too.


2. Pin for later


You can bookmark your Google+ content on Pinterest.


In order to do that you need to write a Google+ blog post and then pin the image you used in the article. After that, use the same photo for the post.


Then you can include a pin it for later link into the initial post.


It will better if you put it in the end of the post.


3. Use your newsletters readers


You can sometimes include your best pins into your newsletter.


That can be a screenshot supplied with the active link, for example, so that by clicking on that image customers would be referred to the pin page.


That will give you the engagement and traffic flow for both your Pinterest page and main website.


Don’t hesitate to ask some of your followers to pin your posts.


4. Use Group Boards


Find Pinterest group boards to get  more repins, engage more people and double your  traffic.Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have a convenient feature for searching for such groups


However, you can always use PinGroupie tool to find group boards that will suit you perfectly.


To find a group you need to fill in several fields in the following order: pick a category (same as on Pinterest), then choose the order you wish to see the groups in.


Better to base the order on repins, likes and overall popularity.


5. Market yourself


Advertisement can be pretty costly; but on Pinterest you can make your presence known without having to spend a single dime on it!


You simply need to follow the rules of Pinterest presence.


Use your other social platforms’ accounts to promote the Pinterest page.


In order to do that, tweet about Pinterest couple of times a week, include the data about it into your newsletter, post about it on Facebook and get a Pinterest profile widget to your page.


6. Use blog boards


Create a blog board to help people find all of your blog posts in one place.


Be sure to use all the relevant keywords so that search engines will still be able to find you. You need to be easy to find.


Pin every blog published on the website to your board. Add summaries for each one, supply them with relevant photos and active links.


Data and visuals always encourage people to engage, so use them.


7. Watch the competitors


Check out everyone who had pinned the posts our competitors published. Those people are probably in your niche and are a potential targeted audience.


You can use Pinalerts application to get alerts when posts of your competitors are pinned, so you can find the people pinning them.


Then it’s up to you to convince these people they will be much more comfortable pinning from you.


Show them your case is better.


Then begin following them – some of the potential clients are going to pin you in return, and that’s a start!


With only seven simple steps you’ll greatly increase the number of followers, likes and repins.


But more importantly – you’ll learn how to make your brand visible on Pinterest.

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