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9 Keys to Pinterest Supremacy

If you are reading this article it means that you have decided to establish your brand’s presence on Pinterest and now you are looking for advice on how it can be done.


Pinterest is not like other popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To make your pins successful and engaging you are going to need a whole new strategy.


With only a few tips from us – and Pinterest can help you attract current and potential customers to your pins and boost your brand awareness. Not to mention sales too.


That is why you need to remember these 9 rules for great Pinterest marketing


1. Know your audience


Conquering Pinterest requires a strategy. And each strategy is based on understanding your opponent. Targeted audience, without doubt is more like an ally here (more or less, at least) yet understanding your audience is still vital.


If you understand your audience well, it means you can create content that also goes well with them and therefore get more engagement.


There are a several ways you can study your audience, and the easiest one is just asking them. Send your customers a short survey to fill and relax!


If that doesn’t work or isn’t enough proof for you, there is an option in Pinterest analytics that allows you to explore your followers’ bases.


After you are done with that, create users personas based on that data.


2. Compliment your fans


Since some users have decided to take their chance with following you, make sure they stay your followers. In order to avoid unnecessary leaks and spills regularly post the content that can be relevant and important for your fans.


Stay in your niche, though, so that you not only receive likes, but can also attract potential partners or clients who will actually buy something.


Don’t be greedy. Share some tips and tricks.


3. The more boards the better


When you create new boards make sure you vary their type since it can be an invaluable asset that will help you in building your brand’s awareness and increasing its reach.


In order to succeed create more boards with different types of content so that your audience will widen, too.


4. Start a contest


Greed is one of the drives of human civilization. So as soon as you say you are ready to give something for free there will definitely show up and say they are ready to take it.


Use it to your advantage by making them subscribe for your page.


Make that contest encourage users to create a board where your product or service is discussed.


Remember this option is time-wise. As soon as they forget about the contest, they will unsubscribe. Your goal is to make them interested.


5. Tell your story


Your team skydives every year? Your team is working or giving to charity? Don’t be silent, that’s the worst Pinterest strategy possible.


Inform your subscribers of the event. Add bright photo.


Tell the others it was unforgettable.


Tell them what are your main message about.


Make them dive into your company’s lifestyle – even if they’re currently napping on the couch.


6. Use Quality pins


With quality pins driving traffic to the website is much faster and much more exciting.


If you create beautiful boards with unique, exquisite pictures, you’ll be the one your customers will want to come back too.


Include links that lead to your website, blog or other social media accounts.


7. Be funny


But not ridiculous. Create boards with humorous twists, use humor while talking to your customers sometimes, but don’t overdo it.


Brainstorm the most funny ideas with your team.


Humor, just as drama, attracts attention and gets more engagement than the regular posts.


8. Share images users send you


Here’s another easy yet invaluable steps to mastering Pinterest marketing. Share the posts your followers write about you. Give them the minute of fame and the room to speak.


Make them feel appreciated.


Share real-life photos and thank those who write about you.


Show yourself to be friendly.


9. Give them some lifehacks


Pinterest is known to be a DIY place, so some lifehacks would be nice.


According to your niche, chose some topics you get the best and share some secrets. Not commercial, of course.


Give some advice. Draw a scheme. Offer an idea.


Trust me, it will pay off one day.


With Pinterest marketing your brand can strive.


But in order for that to happen you need a clear and strong strategy.


And, of course, the 9 easy tips we’ve just presented you!

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