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8 Keys to the World of Pinterest

Brands building presence in social media almost universally forget about Pinterest and the benefits in can grant you. Indeed, this is not the most popular social platform, as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter surpass it on many levels.


Yet there are signs that the change might be on the way.


Pinterest had recently introduced a new Buy button making purchasing process easy and painless, and it can breathe a new life into the platform.


At the very beginning of Pinterest it was simply used to remember and pin the websites you wanted to get another look at.


Nowadays Pinterest has more than 100 000 0000 users, and the number is growing.


What makes Pinterest different from the other popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook? Pinterest is a platform created for the visuals - and visual marketing is its strongest side.


80% of Pinterest users are women, and the main trending topics there are looks, fashion, food, home design and various crafts.


That means, if you use it properly, Pinterest can become a great source of traffic and potential clients for your brand.


What you need to do is to seriously consider it as a marketing platform and build a separate strategy for promoting your brand there.


It is not enough simply to republish posts meant for Facebook or your blog: try creating unique and original content, taking into the account the demographics of your targeted audience. The people you are targeting should influence your posting strategy.


Take a look at the few tips that will help you make that strategy successful:


1. Be active: pin and repin


Good strategy is an active strategy. By pinning actively and therefore interacting with other users you make them engage and communicate back to you. This strategy will help you build your core audience which is necessary for every growth plan.


You are going to need interested, highly motivated and faithful followers if you are planning to swipe Pinterest off its metaphorical feet.


Since pins always contain a link to the original source they are more useful from the point of SEO.


2. Interconnect your accounts


Imagine if you could enhance your Pinterest page with all the might of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts combined. Well, it is possible, actually.


All you need to do is to connect your Pinterest to the others accounts you have in social media. Now your followers will know you are present on Pinterest, too, and a great deal of them might want to go and take a look.


3. Follow the right people


On Pinterest, you cannot get by without following other people. And it is crucially important to choose the right ones.


Needlessto say, first you need to determine the opinion leaders in your niche and follow them. You also need to follow people active on Pinterest with the interests that make them potential fans or clients.


Do not follow dead or obviously fake accounts. That is your image, too. Keep it clean.


4. Remember about the group boards


With the help of group boards you will be able to connect with the users that share your interests, and it is a great opportunity to gain new followers.


You can both write something meaningful to the relevant boards and create your own boards. These techniques might prove equally useful.


Do not forget to categorize your boards - they will be easier to find this way.


5. Set the timing


Time your pins to see which hours are the most effective. You can also repin your old pins to get them some extra attention.


Use Pinterest analytics to learn which posts get more attention.


6. Plant the keywords


For your pins to get noticed, you need to include relevant keywords in the description. This way you make them visible to the search engines.


Get the keywords in both title and description to get the best results.


7. Hold a contest


Going viral is always easier with a decent contest on the way. Hold those every once in a while to reward your loyal fans and customers and make sure they don't forget about you.


Make sure people need to follow you to take part in the contest.


And give them actual presents people will like. Do not try cheating.


8. Pay attention to the analytics


Pinterest analytics is a great tool that will give you a possibility to track the performance of your pins and all the other activities on your page.


It is invaluable when it comes to adapting your strategy in the middle of the campaign.


So brace yourself and go conquer the Pinterest! Feel free to let us know how are these tips working for you!

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