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6 Ways to Succeed With Pinterest

Is your brand already on Pinterest? It’s current users altogether amount to more than 70 000 000 people.


It’s not only customers, but also a vast number of influencers, bloggers, competitors and potential business partners.


Pinterest is a great way to expand your reach and also boost the sales and beat up the competitors.


There are a lot of Pinterest marketing tips that are unique to this platform.


Here are the ones that work best:


1. Pin as often as possible.


2. Schedule your posts.


3. Use rich pins.


4. Keep images the proper size.


5. Don’t forget to use keywords in the descriptions.


6. Post the links in your descriptions.


So here are a few Pinterest tips worth trying:


1. Pin as often as possible but also keep the space between your pins.


Go from pinning once a day to pinning at least five or ten times a day. The effective rate is between 5 and 30 pins a day – more is over the top, less will make even the most devoted of your followers forget your brand ever existed.


Fastening your pin tempo can get you up to +150% engagement of the platform.


You might want to use two tricks:


- Schedule your pins ahead of time so they appear orderly.


- Space out your pins to make sure you will not overburden your readers and potential customers with a non-stopping flow of bragging. Know your limits.


2. Get the Rich Pins for your website


You can add more info on the pins with the help ofRich pins – it’s  a free Pinterest feature.


Rich pins come in 5 types:


- Article (headline, author, story description, link)


- Product pins (pricing, availability, shops)


- Recipe pins (recipes)


- Movie pins (ratings, cast members, reviews)


- Place pins (address and contacts)


To get Rich pins you need to validate your website. To do that you apply to add rich pins to your website or blog. The whole process can take up to seven days.


Here’s the algorithm:


- Add  a Pinterest code to your website. Copy/paste the code into your settings.


- Apply to Pinterest for validation by using the Pinterest validation tool. Here you can also see a preview of your pin.


- Ask for Rich Pins.


- After the validation (up to 7 days) you are free to use this wonderful tool.


You can get up to 2 times more engagement with Rich pins.


3. Keep images the proper size.


This part is all about solid data and geometry:


Best ratio – 2:3 or 1:3.5.


Best width – 600 pixels and more.


Examples of proper aspect ratios - 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall or 800 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels tall. What about 1:3.5 aspect ratios? It can be, for example, 600 pixels wide by 2,100 pixels tall or 400 pixels wide by 2,800 pixels tall.


Just keep counting.


4. Don’t forget to use keywords in the descriptions.


Your descriptions are the main tool of engaging the readers, so you’d better keep them keywords-rich, vivid, bright, full of details and helpful.


If the readers like your descriptions, they will come back to your profile and are likely to become customers.


It is also helpful for the SEO and Google search engine.


To make your descriptions work best for you, you need not hashtags, remember to spell everything properly and avoid grammar mistakes, don’t promote too much.


Remember that grid view will contain no more than 75-100 characters of the description, so put all the right info in the beginning but also keep a hint of mystery so the reader will be motivated to engage and read the full post.


Remember few more things:


Short descriptions beat long ones. Pins that are the most engaged with contain less than 100 characters.


Pinterest isn’t a hashtag-friendly platform. Keep them in your Twitter and Instagram, here other ways work best.


Pinterest gives its users amazing possibilities in using links. So use them for good.


5. Post the links in your descriptions.


 You can give readers the option to “read-it-later” when your post something. There’s a whole  “read-it-later” Pinterest board full of articles.


This is an easy way to read all your posts, if your readers have missed them at the date.


Here ‘s the algorithm:


1. As soon as you publish something, pin an image from the blog post


2. Get the URL


3. Share blog post + URL


4. Use a Pin if for Later


Through that tool a customer is able to add your pin to his or her Pinterest boards and return to it later. 


So here's the effective Pinterest strategy: more pins but also enough space between them, quality-picked images, lots of links, no hashtags. 


Pinterest has a plenty of special features that can help your brand to succeed. 


You just need to explore them!

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