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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is usually – and unfairly – considered as a social platform that is only good for fun and entertainment and therefore has no use for the marketers. Most people think pinning photos and constructing boards is simply a fun way of killing time, but they couldn’t be more wrong.


The fact is, rich visuals of the Pinterest make it a perfect spot for marketing and advertising your business, attracting new potential clients and possible partners and, most importantly, spreading the word about your brand via the web and therefore raising the brand awareness.


Pinterest, if used correctly, can become a permanent visual expression of who your company is and what goods and services it offers.


Below you will find five ways you can use Pinterest for advertisement and success:


1. Promoting a product


If you construct a Pinterest board for advertising your product or service, with right positioning you can instantly get a large traffic flow and a rapid sales increase.


You can help your product go viral by creating a group Pinterest board. This is a board that you allow others to pin to, so it encourages participation from other people. Moreover, your board appears on their Pinterest profile.


2. Promoting an Experience


If you are a blog writer, you can use Pinterest to promote your ideas and experience. If, for example, you want to hold a conference for a certain category of person – say, successful, creative business women under 30 – you can create a group board they can pin themselves to, learn more about the planned conference and take part in it.


It will also help you expand your professional network and get more interesting ideas.


4. Promoting a Book


If you wrote a book on finance, for example, and want to add something innovational to the traditional advertisement campaign, you might want to create a board on Pinterest which will be devoted to your new book and insights it offers. You can use the board for highlighting finance tips, encouraging quotes and information-filled YouTube videos.


You should probably sign-up for PinAlerts to assure you get an email straight to your inbox every time someone pins from your website.


5. Promoting Yourself


Sometimes you are your best product and brand combined. With the help of Pinterest you can quickly turn yourself into an opinion leader, which will make promoting your products in future much easier. To achieve popularity you should engage in discussions with local “sharks” and make yourself noticeable.


You can use Tailwind to find the most influential of yours Pinterest followers and track engagement across your page.


To the date Pinterest has over 53 million unique monthly visitors. Platform meant for fun and games turned into a business force one must take seriously. It is especially useful for small business, whose budgets do not allow them to hold full-scale advertisement campaigns. But Pinterest, if used properly, can compensate for that.


Pinterest is a place to get your business in front of thousands of the right people while connecting to them through the principle of delight.

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