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10 Tips for Excelling on Pinterest

Are you a local business looking for a way to let your potential customers in the area know that you are there? Do you wish to thrive and attract more and more customers every day without commencing costly advertising campaigns - and by cost we mean not only money but also time and efforts of your employees?


Looks like you are in need of some quality tips on Pinterest marketing.


Pinterest is a best way of raising the brand awareness for a local business that strives to get noticed by its targeted audience.


Every professional marketer needs to know some secrets to promoting his or hers business on Pinterest if he wants to achieve excellent and long-term results, receive more traffic that can be then rerouted to the brand's main website and get more fans and, potentially, widen the pool of customers.


However, results that are mentioned above are without doubt impossible unless you've developed a proper Pinterest strategy.


To help you with this task, we're offering 10 awesome tips on how to promote your brand on Pinterest:


1. Remember that SEO is important


Since Pinterest is not only a social platform, but also a massive search engine, you cannot escape optimizing your Pinterest page for search engines. SEO is not only desirable for ensuring your future success - it is absolutely necessary.


That is why you will need to make your profile and the content you are posting SEO-friendly. The same goes for your pins and boards.


Small tip: if you insert the keywords in the text you pin, it will become easier for the social engine to identify it, which will influence your place in the search results.


2. Promote your boards on the main website


One problem with the Pinterest is that only the visitors that have a Pinterest profile and are log in can view all the content in full. That cuts off the part of your audience who may be interested in the products or services you are offering but do not have the possibility to fully explore their options.


However, Pinterest has thought of this problem - which is exactly why it is offering some great sharing options you can show even to the unregistered users.


Another great idea is to not only share, but embed your board's code right on your website and enjoy the flow of visitors without any restrictions!


Small tip: Also do not forget to add a "Pin it" button to the website.


3. Use your content from different platforms


Quality content is too valuable to be used only once and then forgotten. That is why you can use posts that were already published on your pages in other social media to update your Pinterest account.


However, do not warm out your welcome.


You can lose some faithful fans if you mindlessly copy all the posts on all of your social media accounts.


Be smart and always add a pinch of creativity.


Small tip: To avoid being dull, convert your successful posts or tweets into the Pinterest images. Every online editor can do the trick. Try Pixlr or Canva, for example.


4. Promote on other platforms


Do you have a Facebook account? Of course you do. What about Instagram, Google+ and Twitter? Those can turn into great promotion tools for your Pins.


Small tip: That can be achieved by connecting your accounts in social media. Cross-promote the content you pin to your boards in order to attract more views.


That is much easier than it may seem and also works both ways.


5. Tell the story through the visuals


Since the Pinterest is an extremely image-oriented platform, the images are exactly what you need to use in order to make more people to engage with your pins and repin them.


Whatever you are writing about - from travelling to the automotive parts, supply every single one of your posts with relevant and colorful posts.


Do not be afraid to appeal to emotions - that is exactly what people on Pinterest want and expect from you.


Small tip: Even if your niche seems very far from visual storytelling, invoke your creativity to generate some ideas. You'll notice the results right away!


6. Create timeless content


Posts on Pinterest have longer life than those on Facebook and, without doubt, than those on Twitter.


That is why your fans will appreciate if you create the content that will be meaningful even when few weeks or months pass.


Small tip: You'll see how easily old pins can get viral if shared by a fellow influencer, for example.


Do not waste this chance.


7. Use the competitors' experience


There is no shame in stalking your competitors in your niche and going for their followers - after all, those people are already interested in the kind of products or services that you are offering. Why not use this chance?


Look for the ways you can offer those fans more cheap or high-quality service.


Small tip: Scroll over the Pinterest page of your competitor to identify the most active of his fans. After that it's all up to you - convince those people you are better and have a tons of perks to offer!


8. Make a pinning schedule


Pin regularly - by the clock. There are plenty of online tools that allow you to plan your posts in advance so your page updates even during the holidays while you're chilling on some Malibu beach, sipping the cocktail.


You cannot do without external app, though, since Pinterest doesn't have the scheduling option yet.


Small tip: Make sure the scheduler you are using is trusted and reliable and doesn't still your passport and other data.


9. Organize a contest


Contest and sales are a great way to engage more fans and boost your brand awareness. People love the adventure - and, no less importantly, they love the free stuff.


Just make sure contests and gifts are not the only things that are interesting about you, otherwise the audience growth will be temporary and short-lived.


Remember that Pinterest rules are more strict than those on Facebook and Twitter - follow them unless you want your account frozen.


Small tip: To raise your credibility, start a contest with a trusted Pinterest partner. This way, you will avoid almost all the dangers. Remember to be creative!


10. Use the perks of email listing


If you are sending out a daily or weekly newsletter, do not forget to include your newest pins into the information you're sending to those who subscribed to your mailing list.


That will give the people who are already interested in your information some fresh data to speak about, and boost your Pinterest traffic at the same time.


You don't need to include the pins into the everyday list - you can make a monthly or a weekly digest of your best pins, for example.


This will keep your fans interested.


Small tip: Create an "Add pin" pop-up inside the email so it'll be easy to share. That's your goal - to get more attention, so ease the process for those who want to help you with that, namely, the fans planning to share your pins.


These ten simple tricks will turn your Pinterest marketing campaign into sheer pleasure.


Try them all and let us know which ones you liked best, in the comments below!

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