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Why your fans ignore you on social media

Most of us think that the fans of the brand will instantly follow its page in all the social media – out of sheer desire to connect and receive the latest information about the preferred product. Therefore, starting and promoting your page in social media seems like an easy task. Reality, however, proves otherwise.


New research from HubSpot shows why your page doesn’t get as many followers as you wanted.


Where your Presence is Mandatory


The Social Lifecycle study based on data from 569 consumers proves there are at least 3.4 different social platforms you should be present on to satisfy your consumers.



Facebook and Twitter still hold the lead: 84% of customers will look for your page on Facebook, 64% - on Twitter. Third place belongs to YouTube – with 44% of customers expecting you there.


Other popular platforms - Google+, Instagram and Pinterest - share about 30% of customers. Their followers differ based on gender and age.


Older people (45+) feel comfortable with Google+, while the younger ones (18-44) stick to Instagram.




The popularity of social platforms also differs based on gender. Even though the expectations on  brands present on certain social media from men and women are almost even, most women still would search for your page on Instagram and Pinterest. That is easily explained by the fact that in 2012, 80% of Pinterest users were women.




Now you would think that creating a page on each platform will be the best way to boost your popularity. Well, it’s not.


Why Doesn’t it Work


The main problem is that the expectations don’t always meet reality. Out of 64% respondents that expected their favorite brands to be on Twitter only 31% followed those brands. Be warned: the gap between the amount of consumers expecting to find you on a certain platform and the amount of people who will follow you. It can reach as much as 35-65%.




In other words, a consumer expecting to find you on 3.4 social platforms will follow your page only on 1.6 of them.


What is the reason behind such a gap? Well, there are several of them.


How do you get them to like you


Do not despair – there’s enough efficient ways to make consumers follow you.


1. Targeting is the key


 Facebook and Twitter are basics, but sometimes you can boost your popularity on other platforms too. A thorough research will help you determine, whether most of your targeted audience adore Pinterest or you’re dealing with the devoted Instagrammers.


2. Attack of the clones – not the best idea


Do not repost the same article on all the platforms available. Find a way to optimize your content so it will fit each network. Save photos for Instagram, short and witty remarks – for Twitter.


3. Learn to connect (and don’t be a robot)


Try to sound human. Don’t litter your page with boring press-releases and event invitation. People follow your brand because they like it – so make them feel the connection.

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