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Why is Social SEO So Important

Anyone who knows about the peculiarities of SEO probably also realizes what is the difference between the off-site and on-site Search Engine Optimization. First one is connected with the reputation, and the second one – with relevance.


Actually, the reputation is the key to getting to the best positions in the search results. And we must admit that nowadays we are tremendously close to the point where the company’s reputation will be determined in large way by Google+.


We can assume Google is moving to ranking the website according to three factors:


- Authority of the author;


- Shares in social media;


- Quantity of back links.


Currently the third criteria is the main one, but there are reasons to believe that may change soon.


That is why we are going to tell you how to move your website up in the Google’s rankings by achieving good results in any of these three areas.


However, even now social media have a great influence over the website’s performance.


That is why you need to exploit the possibilities social media give you to their fullest.


Here is what you might want to keep in mind:


1. More shares mean more links


If you have some posts that went viral on Instagram or Twitter that means you can convert those shares into the links to your main website.


Needless to say, it will influence the search results.


Google cannot index the whole Twitter effectively enough, but still it keeps track of the websites whose tweets show good results.


Twitter links aren’t the highest quality ones. Since they are usually no-followed, the search engines do not consider them very valuable.


However, they still can increase your performance, so keep them in mind.


2. Indexing speed is vital


For Google, the speed of your website getting indexed is very important, since most of the search queries added to Google are new and unique, a lot of new information and topics appear every day, and the search engine fights hard to sate the demand.


If your website is indexed quicker than those of your competitors, that means Google will rank you higher than other companies in your niche, and that is exactly what you are aiming for.


Make sure you’ve optimized your website so it is indexed as quickly as possible.


3. State the author clearly


Recently Google added one more feature to its system. It started highlighting the authors of the materials.


When you are searching for something, you may see the faces of the authors and small snippets of the websites.


This feature is introduced so that Google can help the publishers to verify the authors of the content.


The verifications is linked to Google+ pages of the authors responsible for the texts mentioned.


This innovation can lead to increasing the click through rates from search results.


4. Social content has its own rankings


Discussions and conversations in social networks may rank extremely high on occasions.


That, by the way, concerns not only the largest social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Smaller platforms can also get the highest rankings.


That means that in order to establish a strong presence of your brand in search results you need to convert to social and pay those a lot of attention.


Social media may yet become an invaluable tool for your SEO!

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