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Top Trends to Watch in 2016

The rules of successful marketing change fast. And in the ever-changing world a skilled marketer must not only learn to clearly set the goals and work hard in order to achieve them. Adaptation has become a key for gaining a competitive advantage over other players in your niche.


In the upcoming 2016 the trend for change is going to persist, and its tempo only fasten.


That is why we have decided to assemble a set of ground rules and tricks that are going to be a great help in mastering these changes and making the good luck move in your direction. Observe and learn how to market your brand in 2016!


Here are the main 7 trends to perceive the next year:


1. Relationship marketing


In order to conquer the audience, it is not enough to sell them a smartphone. Your goal is to make them return to you and you only when they find themselves in need of a new one.


That strategy is called relationship marketing.


The main goal of relationship marketing is building trust and establishing a brand loyalty, so the consumers return to your website or store again and again.


If you make your customers your loyal followers, they will also fulfill the task on promoting your brand on personal level and act as brand advocates if needed.


With the fast tempo of changes relationship marketing gets more and more important. So make sure you have a transparent brand-to-customers policy in order to build the so-needed trust.


2. Automated marketing


Marketing automation is a highly perspective project - nowadays marketers spend around 50% of their time generating content, and large companies are looking for the ways to change that.


Different marketing automation platforms that are available in the internet you can free your hands from a large chuck of routine work: you can schedule posts in social media, other content, structure the contacts, schedule and sort emails and do tons of other important things faster and more effective.


Try out the automation to see how it works out for you.


3. Location services


The closer your customers are, the more likely they are to engage with your brand, visit your events or check out the products you offer on sale.


That is why determining the location of your targeted audience is so important.


Use marketing location services like iBeacon and RED to locate more effectively.


Use your local customers as actively as you can.


4. Innovation


The virtual reality comes closer with each passing day, so keep an eye on the modern tech like Oculus Rift and the likes of it.


With the abilities it offers your possibilities to personalize products and attract new customers will grow more and more.


Don't miss the train of success.


Look for the ways to implement the virtual reality technologies into your marketing strategy and the products you offer.


5. Real time marketing


Use platforms like Snapchat for more engaging experience and attracting the younger customers.


Learn how to make the most of social media, make your customers feel engaged and connected, get to their hearts.


Make the marketing as short and fast and possible, make it keep up with the rhythm of modern life.


Make marketing itself a product.


6. Go beyond search engines


Don't limit yourself to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The new engines will rise soon - for instance, Facebook is already working on its own.


Social media searches are going to be the next big thing, so keep an eye on them.


Soon consumers will get the possibility to buy your product directly via the Facebook, so make sure you've purchased all the necessary buy buttons.


Find the creative ways to advertize, don't simply repeat the tricks you used in Google. Social media are a whole different world.


7. Targeting


The targeting techniques get more and more precise every day. That means you will need to learn to quickly adapt your strategy to the customers behavior.


Their tastes, fears, kinks and squeaks - all of those are going to become a marketer's tools very soon, so you'd better be ready.


While building your strategy for 2016, don't forget these 7 marketing tricks that will totally change your game.


Be ahead of time! Lead, not follow.

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