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Top 5 Trends To Watch In 2015

The key to successfully promoting your brand through social media is looking into the future.


Attentively following the rules of engagement on different social platforms, widening your reach and using the prepaid options the aforementioned platforms offer is no doubt important and might help you to keep the pace of your competitors.


But that is not enough to truly become the first.


Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are becoming the invaluable tools for online marketing and therefore the rules have changed. The changes are already showing:  in the last five years, 2009 to 2014, spending on social media marketing rose from $11 million to $54 million (and that’s in B2B sector only!)


That is why it is vital to find trends that will shape the next years of social media marketing!


We chose 5 trends you might want to keep an eye on:


1. Track the location


If you truly want to get in touch with your customers, the geography is invaluable. Your strategy will greatly depend on it, your advertisement will definitely be shaper by it, and even your product itself might!


One of the main social platforms that are directly connected to the location services is Foursquare, but location option is available in all of the main social platforms.


Checking in with Facebook becomes more and more common every day.


Your company can use this trend for its advancement. All you need is to offer special deals and discounts to people who "check in" at your shops or places, and your customers will advertise you on their own will!


Foursquare brought location services on social platforms to the whole new level. There are other similar services like Shopkick  that helps you to get the best deals in shops. With this service you get different perks for checking in and scanning goods with smartphones.


Every major social platform gives you a great opportunity to use the location services to attract the customers to your brand. Be sure to use it!


2. Use the group thinking


Another possibility for widening your reach is participating in discount services like Groupon. Your brand will get on the mailing list of millions of people, and if your product’s good, and your deal is fair, the growth of your following (and sales, too) will be rapid.


There are a lot of services that offer similar possibilities, and among them LivingSocial, Yipit, Dealon, and BuyWithMe.


Soon more startups, big companies and brands will enroll on group projects to reach out to as many potential customers and possible.


That is why it is extremely important that you catch this opportunity while it’s trending.


3. Build a smart strategy


In a modern globalized world, where customers have a variety of choices and a full access to every information on a brand, service or product they need marketing becomes an art.


It is not enough to simply inform people of your service. You must learn to involve them, to make your followers and fan relate to you, build a unique and genuine friendship with your customers.


Moreover, you need to learn to target precise groups of people that will respond to your product and your advertising. That is why your content must always answer several demands:


Keep your content fresh. No one likes the old news.


Keep your content relevant. Don’t get too distracted. Remember the message you want to deliver.


Keep your content unique. There’s no harm in reposting every now and then, but if that’s all you do, it’s highly likely that pretty soon all of your fans will migrate to the original poster.


If you follow these rules, your page will gain more and more followers every day – in geometrical progression.


4. Appease the Google


Google is the largest search platform in the world. If you’re not in the Google search – it’s like you don’t exist.


That is why optimizing your page on social media for search engine is a must for every successful marketing campaign.


For that you need to use relevant keywords, optimize every element of your profile and update regularly.


Building links through social platforms will raise your page rankings and traffic. It will also become a cache of relevant and plausible information about your brand and in perspective add to your credibility.


5. Be mobile


Nowadays smartphones are the new computers. Almost every person on the Earth constantly carries a device connected to the Internet and therefore all those people are mush easier to reach than it was even several years ago.


The world goes mobile – and you should go mobile with it!


Mobile devices -  iPads, iPhones, Nokias  are plugged in from almost anywhere at anytime. So come on and reach out to your potential customers. If it’s the nighttime in USA, it’s the best time to advertise in UK!


Borders are blending, time zones are disappearing. You are no longer limited by your block, city, country.


You can live in Beijing and sell to Malaysia with ease!


Don’t let yourself go with the flow.


Shape your future, watch the trends – and soon you’ll be the one creating the trends!

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