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Top 5 Trends to Follow in 2016

Several hours ago people went to bed after celebrating the coming of the year 2016. While many marketers think they can relax on the holidays, sitting back and relying on scheduled posts and pre-organized strategy, in reality holidays are the high time to reconsider your strategy and adopt some new effective tricks.


On holidays people actually have more time to spend in the Internet; they are also busy with purchasing and building new strategies for their business and, therefore, more easily influenced.


A smart marketer won't miss that opportunity.


However, to be successful in new year 2016, you need to know which trends will manifest in the near future so you can take advantage of them.


Let us show you 5 trends you would want to keep in mind during the next 12 months:


1. Content is still everything


No tricks and visuals are going to make your brand successful if you have no actual content to talk about, and your pages in social media are filled with simple reposts or posts devoted to sales, both of which are acceptable - provided they are mixed with real, unique content.


So your task #1 is to provide your followers and potential customers with that content. With content that not only benefits you by showing off your brand, but also benefit the people who visit your page.


Make sure your posts have at least one line that will be interesting and useful for each of the groups you target - and soon you'll see people can't get enough of your posts and you product or services.


There are also some rules regarding the types of content you are posting. Let us revise the most important ones.


First of all, you need to wary the types of content. Posts with images get up to 30% more engagement than plain text ones, and Facebook currently promotes its video service, so make sure you use both videos and photos, images or infographics for your posts.


Needless to say, photos should be of highest quality, and videos - professional and short (do not exceed the time limit).


Also, starting a blog could be a great idea that will bring you tons of engagement and huge benefits. There are statistics supporting this case: according to the recent studies, 80% of businesses look up company's articles before making a deal, so you should take this blog issue extremely seriously.


58% of business think companies that post video content are more reliable. Also, this year demand for visual content in different forms will be higher.


2. SEO is vital for marketers


There's no use in creating a high-quality content if nobody sees it, don't you agree? And that's exactly what happens if your website and your pages in social media are not optimized for the search engines.


Search Engine Optimization is your best friend. Remember that. And there are some vital tricks to optimize your website.


Besides the traditional tools like including the keywords and building links, you might also make use of the idea to prioritize the visual content on your website. That will benefit your SEO ranking greatly by boosting your engagement.


The reason is, videos, photos and infographics are more likely to encourage discussion and engage people, therefore bringing you the desirable results.


Do not forget about the basics, too: optimize your descriptions, tags and keywords. Make your first page as appealing as possible to interest people in learning more!


3. The world goes mobile


Nowadays you need to keep in mind the users of smartphones and tablets while developing your products and marketing strategies - people use those far more often than the regular computers and even laptops.


Since the rhythm of life gets faster every day, and the smartphones become more and more advanced, people switch to them.


Studies indicate that the number of people who never let go of their smartphones, thus being reachable and online 24/7, grows every day.


That is a large chunk of audience you definitely don't want to lose to your competitors.


Just listen: almost 75% of people born in 1990s-2000s admit they never leave their phones. Quite impressive, isn't it?


Recent study by eMarketer shows that in 2016 mobile marketing is going to go over $100 billion. And that's more than half of the marketing spending in the entire history of the Internet.


If your customers go mobile, so should you.


4. Personal connections are more effective


People will be more eager to become your devoted long-time customers if they like not only your product, but also your company in general. And by "company in general" we mean the idea of the brand, it's lifestyle and message. To motivate your customers to stay with  you longer, you need to give them an opportunity to connect with you on the level that will seem more personal.


That is a challenging task for your marketing, as it requires a very particular set of skills. Your posts and event descriptions should sound human.


Show the people behind the brand, not just a logo and a corporation.


Building the personal relationship also requires giving feedback as soon as possible - and sounding human while doing it. Make sure you communicate with your followers. Make sure they think you care - and to achieve that, you actually need to genuinely care.


That is also a great way to receive useful data - 76% of followers are ready to share their personal data if they think it will improve their experience with your n=brand. And that's just what your need, isn't it?


Having loyal customers in 2016 will be more important than ever.


5. Social media are still on the rise


No business can become truly successful and fully embody its potential without creating a strong social media presence. That is why  it is absolutely necessary to make sure you absolutely rock them all: from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Foursquare.


Do not think building social media presence is an easy task - many companies that were fooled by the seeming easiness of it are already out of business.


Remember not to use social media to stupidly promote yourself. Instead, see them as a chance to connect and engage your targeted audience, gradually building trust and loyalty.


To make sure your brand survives and flourishes, you need to keep your eyes and mind open, note the feedback you get from your customers, take it into account, study your analytics thoroughly and modify your marketing strategy in accordance to the trends you see.


Make sure your social profiles are the embodiment of your brand's mission and lifestyle, and not just a ghoul page that was set up without any reason to it.


With these tips, you can head into the 2016 without fear. If you follow the trends and work hard, your efforts are going to be rewarded with more engagement, sales and strenghtening of your brand.


Keep your eyes open and good luck in 2016!

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