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Social Media: Seven Tips That Will Get you Going

Building an effective strategy that will allow you to succeed in promoting your brand in social media is becoming harder with each passing day, as more and more brands learn the importance of a strong Internet presence.


The most innovative tips and tricks grow old the next day after they have been invented, which leave the businesses asking themselves a wide variety of confusing questions.


Among them: is there a sure way to succeed in social media? Is it possible to grow through organic means of you cannot gain anything without paying for the ads offered by each of the platforms?  Which platform is better for the shoe manufacturer and which one is a must for the company that offers extreme tours to Africa or Arctic?


And the most important question of them all.


Is it even worth it?


We have an answer to that: yes, but only if you get to the task with your hands ready, with your mind clean and your eyes open.


Here at YBMG we offer you the tips that won't grow old - and the tips that will finally get you going:


1. Improvise


In the environment that is changing as rapidly as today, you cannot possibly build the content plan that will still be effective a month from now.


That is why you need to keep your eyes open for every new opportunity to speak out and to establish yourself as an opinion leader in the niche.


React to all the events that you consider important to your existing and potential followers, and give your professional expertise on it.


2. Be true to yourself


Make sure you know what you're saying, though: there is nothing worse than a fake expertise, and if you get busted, restoring your reputation will be a long and painful process.


Try to keep your hands clean all the time: by cheating you are giving your competitors an edge that can be used against you in the future.


Reputation is the best when it's fresh and clean, so try to keep it that way.


3. Choose the platform you need


One of the main questions a company seeking to expand its Internet presence asks itself is whether it's obligatory to be present on all the popular platforms in order to succeed.


Actually, it's not.


Moreover, if you are a relatively small company and do not have a whole SMM team managing your accounts, it might be more efficient to choose one or two relevant platforms and focus mainly on them.


Especially if you are a narrow company with no events colorful enough to actively post on Instagram. Or a company oriented for long expert opinions not exactly suitable for Twitter.


Analyze, make your choice and start working!


4. Do the SWOT analysis of your brand


Before you start posting, care to create a graph with 4 cells, containing the following information:


- Your main strengths (S);


- Your main weaknesses (W);


- Opportunities you have (O);


- Threats you face (T).


Once you are done with that, you can decide where to move next and whether you need additional preparation for entering the world of Internet advertising.


5.  Give your brand a human voice


People are much more eager to engage with someone who doesn't sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his star role.


When posting an update or replying to the comment or critique, try creating an impression of something compassionate, caring and, first and foremost, human. You'll see that your fans and potential customers will be much more forgiving and ready to engage.


Do not get into the familiarity, though, you still need to give the impression of being a team of highly qualified professionals.


6. React to your customers' woes


There is nothing worse for a reputation than being known as a brand that never reacts to anything, either it is critique, a praise or a simple question asked by  a fan.


Reacting two weeks after the original question was posted also is not the best way to build yourself a name.


Make sure you react to all the meaningful comments and questions your customers give you. By doing so, you'll help build trust and expand your following numbers.


And, mind that, all those without a dime invested.


7. Analyze the market


Keep track of the latest trends on the market and make sure you monitor your main competitors closely.


In order to surpass them you need to study their techniques. Then they won't be able to get an edge over you with an unexpected move.


You can also adopt some successful strategies from them. But remember: learn on their successes and mistakes, not plagiarize.


Plagiarism is totally unacceptable.


And the last but not least, remember to constantly update your tactics, learn, embrace new possibilities and, above all, create a great product people would be glad to return for!

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