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Six Tips That Will Transform Your Social Media Strategy

You are set on conquering social media and establishing a strong Internet presence for your brand. You read the tutorials, you post consistently, you try you hardest to show people just how awesome your brand and product are.


However, everything that you are doing - everything your marketers put so much effort into, seems to be not enough.


People, even those who are supposed to be potentially interested in your brand, simply show no desire to engage with you.


Your money, your efforts, your enthusiasm - everything's in vain, and you simply cannot fully understand why.


The answer might be - you are truly doing your best to move forward, however, for some reason you are moving in the wrong direction.


And, naturally, you are annoying people who have no interest in your brand whatsoever and are failing to connect with those who might be truly interested.


With the tips we have assembled for you, you'll be able to see the difference and modify your strategy in order to succeed.


Take a look at these simple yet effective pieces of advice:


1. Promote your brand via relevant platforms


You have heard so many times that you need to promote your brand via every social media channel possible, but the results are discouraging.


That's because if you start working on all the channels at once, you cannot effectively deal even with one of them.


And, for example, if you are not a local brand, building Pinterest presence, for example, could be a complete waste of time for you.


Choose several marketing channels where you can find your targeted audience, and put all your effort into  making the most out of them.


2. Post consistently


You need to build a brand's identity if you want your targeted audience to connect and identify with you.


That's why you cannot change your opinion on the important issues every day. You need to choose values that your brand shares.


Once you do choose the values that are relevant for your brand's lifestyle and message, start building your campaign.


Your followers will find it much easier to relate to you and engage with your posts if they know where you stand.


3. Communicate genuinely


Simply answering all the comments you receive is not enough. What you need to do is to build your genuine voice in the social media.


In order to create an effective communication with your targeted audience you need to do much more than simply be there. They is why you need to refrain from such things as the automated replies to your followers. They will be able to sense your dishonesty. And you certainly do not need your potential customers feel like you are replying only to get rid of them.


To avoid making such an impression, try to create an image of being deeply invested into each situation you are told about. Use some of the words that your counterparts used in their requests to show you have actually read them.


Social media are a less formal communication channel, so in order to connect with your customers effectively you need to combine two approaches: both the professional and a friendly one. You need to make an impression of a person who is both capable of dealing with your customers' problems and is genuinely interested in those clients' well-being.


4. Take it to the personal level


Sometimes you can receive benefits unimaginable from the simple offline events. They can do wonders to your brand's online presence and following: by staging offline presentations you give your business partners and potential clients' a unique opportunity to get to know you on the more personal level, therefore building loyalty to the brand.


By the way, offline events also present you with an opportunity to do two more things to endorse your brand, product or services.


First, it is a great chance to create and promote your own branded hashtag. Offer your followers and employees use it while tweeting about the event, and livestream it on Facebook under the same hashtag.


Second, you can create a meaningful connection with the opinion leaders in your niche by inviting them to your offline events as guests or speakers. Offer them to use your branded hashtag, too.


5. Give credit where it's due


Start with always stating the author of the photos you used and genuinely liked, and saying a simple "thank you" to the people whose statuses you have shared. Start the post with the additional two or three words dedicated to the person who found the interesting and valuable information.


Another important way about giving credit is showing gratitude to the post loyalty of your followers. This way you will show you care and encourage more fans to engage with you.


There are different ways to show your gratitude - from acknowledging your followers' impact in the posts or comments to giving out small bonuces - like discounts or samples of your product.


It your followers see that loyalty to your brand is rewarded, they will be more motivated to show their interest in your product, and consider commenting and engaging with your posts more actively.


6. Check your data


Fact-checking is incredibly important for every marketer trying to create a reputation among his or her followers and influencers. You do not want to lead your clients to the website with the malware or offer them a broken link.


It is also harmful for one's reputation to write posts that are supposed to be valuable and educational, but due to the lack of background check allow some miscalculations or event downright mistakes.


To avoid such things that would bite off your credibility and hinder your plan to building a powerful social media presence and be recognized as an influencer in your niche, always triple check everything you are posting.


Respect your targeted audience' right for the high-quality and useful information, and your followers will love and respect you in return.


It you follow these rules, you will forget about the posts that get no engagement and the events no one shows up for.


You will be known and respected, and your brand presence will strengthen every day without you having to die on the line for it.


Let our simple tips become your guide to success!

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