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Six Things to Know About Social Media

There are plenty of social platforms nowadays, and even more tutorials showing what exactly you should do to establish a strong brand presence there – for example, you can find some nice tips and tricks at our website, too.


Those are important and can take from top 5 tricks to top 1000, and sometimes get difficult to dear after the 100th paragraph.


However, if you were to ask what is one main thing you need to know about each of those platforms, the answer will not be easy.


Yet “not easy” doesn’t mean impossible, quite the opposite, in fact.


So here are six social platforms and hence six things you need to know about them:


1. Facebook: Don’t limit your strategy to friends


Besides friends, you also have the so-called followers – people who are interested in you enough to subscribe for your updates, but perhaps too shy to send you a friend request.


If you do not already have the following option activated on Facebook, go to the settings and do it right now. It will help you to raise your brand awareness and engage with more people on the Internet.


Moreover, engagement is the key to success in social media. Besides, by interacting with your followers you can encourage them to turn into your customers.


2. Twitter: Use the lists


If you have a large amount of people you are following, it might be a great idea to get acquainted with the Lists option.


It allows you to get all the people you are following sorted nicely based on the features you establish yourself.


You can also subscribe to certain lists to save yourself some time.


3. Instagram: Be active


Success on Instagram depends on several interconnected factors that you need to remember in order to get the results you desire.


So, here they are:


- Like other people’s photos and comment on them once in a while;


- Check out the trending hashtags and use them. Also, use hashtags in general;


- Update your profile often;


- Post only high-quality photos;


- Keep your content original.


4. Pinterest: Pin it


To make the best use of your Pinterest boards you might want to add the Pin it button to the bookmarks in your browser.


That will make the process of pinning stuff to your boards much more interesting and easy.


Don’t forget about the fact that will also save you a great deal of time.


5. Snapchat: Let us get started


No, really, starting is basically all you have to do.


This service may seem a little weird at first, since all the photos and videos disappear after a limited time.


But this service sends 2 billion photos and videos a day, so joining in might be a wise strategy for a marketer.


6. Periscope: Collaborate with Twitter


This one is easy, since Twitter actually owns the Periscope, so the two have quite a good chemistry together.


So when you broadcast something via Periscope, your Twitter network learns about it immediately.


Every periscope update also gets shared on your Twitter profile.


Use these tips to widen your knowledge about the different social platforms!

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