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Seven Tips to Turn Your Brand Into a Social Media Campaign Winner

There is no doubt that building a strong presence is an essential element of a brand's way to success. Nowadays every brand has to establish at least several accounts on the main social media platforms. But it's not as easy as it may seem, and an unwisely picked strategy can spoil all the effort you have previously put into your promotional campaign.


And the spoiled efforts equal to the money lost. Since no one likes losing money, it is much better to act in advance and develop a strategy that will bring you nothing but good reputation, core audience growth and sales increase.


You need to know a variety of different things in order to conquer social media. And we will be more than happy to provide with several interesting and valuable insights on how to turn your campaign into a definite winner.


Here are seven tips you are definitely going to need in order to build a killer social media campaign:


1. Learn to communicate, not just sell


It is no secret that people will mostly follow you because they are initially interested in the products or services that you are offering. However, you must not use this as an excuse to aggressively promote all your products to them - saying a little else apart from that.


Your Facebook or Twitter page should not be simply an extension of your online store. The secret to success in building brand's presence in social media is creating your own brand voice, thus turning into a company with the human face, company people will be genuinely interested in.


That is why you are going to need to wary the types of posts you are updating your page with. Introduce a mix of posts about your product, about the company's events and lifestyle. Do not miss the important trends and news from your niche, too.


You need to stay in the trend, don't you?


2. Use the help of the opinion leaders


When you are starting to promote a brand, one of the best ways to do it is to involve some people who are already famous and respected and whose words will be heard by thousands of potential followers who can decide to check out your brand's page and later turn into your devoted followers and customers.


Once you've defined who you need to endorse your brand, start with reaching out to them and making an interesting offer.


Cutting such deals with the influencers is a common practice, so do not hesitate to contact them - you shouldn't encounter any particular problems.


It is also quite easy to determine whether the influencer is interested in potential offers: it you can get his or her contact information without any trouble, then the odds are high that this influencer is game.


3. React to the feedback immediately


Even if you get an extremely negative review, trying to ignore it is the worst strategy possible. You can still completely clean your reputation by reacting adequately and promising to deal with the problematic issue as soon as possible.


Also make sure you swiftly answer to all the personal messages you receive, especially on Facebook: it has introduced a special tab informing potential customers of the waiting time for the answer.


If you manage to do it quickly enough, you'll get a special green sign.


Also engage with your followers in the comments under your posts and react to the mentions in Twitter.


4. Use the paid options and boosts


Organic reach is great, but nowadays it gets harder and harder to succeed through it. Facebook and Instagram have changed their news feed algorithms, and even your followers will often miss your posts. This means you will have to combine the organic measures with paid options. If you do it smart, you won't overspend and at the same time will be able to receive quite an outstanding result.


Plan wisely, and your ads will bring you much more money than you'll spend paying for them.


5. Use the automation tools


Internet offers a wide variety of tools that can help you manage all of your social accounts without trouble. Most of them are free, so don't be afraid to experiment.


If you use automated tools, you will be able to schedule your posts in advance even for Twitter, which itself does not provide such an option.


These tools will also save you lots of time and trouble during the weekdays and holidays.


6. Do not overload your audience


With the automation tools you can schedule posts for every hour if you so desire, but it wouldn't be the best idea you can come up with.


People love when a brand's page updates regularly and keeps them informed about the important news, but too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing.


If you post updates every hour, people will quickly become irritated with you and leave, which is the opposite of what you want.


7. Define your main goals and focus on them only


Do not try to be everywhere at once - if you try to do thousands of things at once, you may find that you are good at none of them.


Choose several goals you want to reach and define the means to achieve them; then start working on them.


With these seven tips, the realm of social media won't be a terra incognita for you anymore.


Please feel free to tell us about your experience with them in the comments below, we'd love to hear your opinion.

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