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Seven Problems You Will Face While Building Your Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can turn a small local business into a brand with strong Internet presence, tens of thousands of followers and booming sales.


Through social media, you’ll be able to raise your brand awareness, grow your following and generate more leads and conversions for your brand’s main website, therefore gaining a stronger position in your niche.


All the professional marketers know social media are vital for the brands that are not satisfied with the status of an almost invisible local producer, striving to live another day or two. If you want to succeed, you need to get vocal – and social media are the exact opportunity you are looking for.


Some of the older businesspersons are still unable to understand the importance of social media – and that ignorance, unfortunately, may become their undoing. Smart marketers understand they need to include the more active social media campaign into their business plans for the years to come, if they want to stay in business and strive.


So should you – you need to remember about the importance of strong social media presence for the development of your business.


However, you must face some problems while running your social media campaign and you’d better be prepared for them:


1. It is going to cost you


However compelling the idea of succeeding through organic reach only may sound, it is completely unrealistic nowadays.


Facebook and other social media are effectively changing their algorithms, so only  handful of your followers get to see your organic posts, even if they regularly like your posts, comment on them or engage otherwise.


It means you will have to include the social media marketing graph in your budget and start boosting your posts if you truly want to make good use of the benefits social media marketing can give you.


Do not be scared – right now the rates aren’t that high, and you still can get awesome results for the relatively insignificant amounts of money.


2. Knowing analytical data is not enough


Virtually every list of tips about social media out there includes a paragraph about the importance of paying attention to the analytics. And while it’s entirely true that you can learn a lot from the social platform’s analytical tools – the posts that get the most engagement, the best time to post and so on, and it’s an important predicament for success, it is not enough for success.


Analytical data can’t help you if your posts are so bad nobody wants  to engage with them, or if you are out of fresh ideas and have to resort to republishing old and interesting posts created years ago.


Remember that your mind and your creativity are your main weapons, and you need to rely on them first. Analytical data are important, but they aren’t your main tool for achieving the success you desire.


3. Nobody knows what the ultimate predicament for success is


There is no Ultimate Secret That Will Make Your Brand Successful Overnight without Any Effort or Money. Face it. Accept it. Deal with it.


You will have to work hard (also, probably much longer than a night. Or month, for that matter), and you will have to invest money into your campaign if you want it to be successful. There is no way around it.


That is why you need to be careful to avoid the shady-looking schemes promising you everything at once; otherwise, you are very likely to waste both your time and money on the effort that was dead on delivery.


Your business has its unique path to success, just like everybody else’s, and you need to try finding it, not fishing for some easy pre-made solutions.


4. You need to involve many followers to get results


There is no way around this one, too, and that’s the exact reason why all sorts of bot acquirements are ineffective.


You do not need the dead mass of the prepaid followers, if you don’t get real interaction and engagement, real likes, real comments and critique.


Being honest with yourself is the only way to get results that matter. The point is, real followers widen your reach, become the bridge between you and their acquaintances who might be interested in buying your products.


Bots are unable to do any of that. They are nothing more than waste of money. That is why you need to be patient and work on acquiring real followers.


5. Your reach is limited


As we mentioned above, Facebook and other social media have recently changed their algorithms, so don’t expect all of your, let us say, 10 000 followers will definitely see all of your posts.


At best, only 20% of your followers will see most of your posts, and that’s the reality you will have to live with.


It means you will have to resort to the paid means of promoting your posts. You can also boost your posts by adding photos or Facebook videos to them – the platform is more amiable to these types of posts.


6. You will have to modify your strategy constantly


Social media marketing has to adapt along with the platforms themselves, and those tend to change rapidly, introducing new tools and features and getting rid from the old ones. And you, as a marketer, need to keep an eye on them if you want to be successful and leave your competitors behind.


Do not allow yourself to feel safe – you need to constantly adapt, develop, and look for new ways to make your brand more successful, and your social media marketing strategy – more flexible, smart and effective.


7. Mistakes are unavoidable


Not all of your efforts will pay back, and you’ll make more than a couple of wrong turns on your way to success.


You cannot avoid making bad decisions, losing followers and paying for ineffective ads. Sometimes your campaigns will have to be modified on the go, and it will be painful.


Sometimes you will commence creative and expensive campaigns without the noticeable results. This, too, is a reality you need to accept – and be prepared for it.


However, if you keep fighting and continue developing your brand, building an effective social media presence, you will deal with all of these mistakes and emerge triumphant, getting all the results you have desired.

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