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Secrets of Superb Email Marketing

Nowadays email can be referred to as the main means of communication for modern people. Just count how many times a day you check your mailbox and you’ll know what we’re talking about.


That especially concerns the people in their 20-s and 30-s.


Then why your email listing doesn’t bring you the results you were hoping for?


The thing is, people very rarely know how to use it effectively, and many were too quick to jump on assumption email marketing is dead when, in reality, it is quite far from it.


All you need to succeed is these 15 easy tips:


1. Keep the personal touch


People love one-on-one interaction more than mass listings – that’s the thing behind the success of social media.


While writing your email organize them in a way you would address a friend, so a person feels special and important.


2.  Be honest


Abandon the baits, people got used to being constantly lured and tricked, and they are sick of it.


So state your purpose clearly. The recipients will be grateful for that.


3. Be natural


Constantly using the name of a customer even when it looks forced and unnatural is not the best strategy. Being personal is nice, but be careful not overdo it.


Write naturally.


And, above all, avoid stilled letters – they all but kill engagement.


4. Be useful for your readers


When you send your newsletters to the existing clients and potential customers, don’t simply promote your product.


To impress the customers, give them some information that is really useful for them, and only then you might start promoting.


Give your customers some fresh ideas and they will repay you.


5. Send only important messages


Emailing simply for the email’s sake is the gravest mistake in marketing. Before pressing “send” make sure you ask yourself, if your message is actually timely and important.


Will your customers be motivated to mark it as spam and never return to it?


Don’t waste the time of your customers.


6. Use relevant statistics


People tend to trust the numbers. They make them stop and think, and that is exactly what you need – attention and involvement.


So make sure there will be some statistics to catch the reader’s eye in your emails.


7. Use the humans’ curiosity


Give them some interesting piece of news but organize the message in a way so that they will need to open the message to learn more.


Tickle their curiosity, and you will be rewarded.


8. Make a promise


Of course, it I important to keep in mind that later you will have to keep it.


Offer your potential customers some benefits – free information, discounts, simple presents, and you’ll be surprised to see them coming back again and again.


9. Do not overcomplicate


Do not try to bee to clever while writing the topic and header. It can be pretty irritating to some customers, and you do not want that.


Be direct and stay on the topic – that should be enough to pique their interest.


10. Learn from the competitors


Subscribe for the newsletters that are sent by you competitors in the niche.


Gather the inspiration and maybe pick up a few ideas. But be wary and do not plagiarize: nobody likes a thief. Moreover, in the age of global information it is much easier to get busted and rightfully punished.


11. Offer questions


Did you know that the posts organized in the form of question, and not a statement, get much more engagement?


And yet it is true.


When your customers get a question, they are more pressed to engage back.


12. Do not be too formal


“Dear Sir/Madam” and “yours sincerely” are a thing of the last season. People prefer to be greted directly, so call them by the name.


Nobody is going to be offended by the simple “Hello, Hannah!”


And the too-formal letter doesn’t actually motivate to answer.


13. Do not look like a robot


Try showing that you are a real person who is not using a template for this letter. (You are not, are you?)


Use some simple words. Include a personal remark. It will add a personal touch to your newsletter.


And do not forget about hidden copies, for God’s sake.


14. Use the links


To make a newsletter more effective, include some links to the text. They may lead to the products page, your website’s main page or to your profiles in the other social media. You can post links to your blog, too.


15. Do not leave without a P.S.


P.S. line gives you a great opportunity to stress out the message that you fear otherwise could’ve gone unnoticed.


Email marketing is far from dead – you simply need to know what makes your audience engage and feel for your brand and product.


And now, with our help, you know what to do!

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