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Marketing Like a Pro: Seven Tips From Industry Experts

Do you want to create a successsful marketing campaign? Build a strong social media presenceThen consider learning from the professionals who have already been there.


Here are seven successful people who know everything there is to know about social media:


1. Start with setting up an email




Massimo Arrigoni, the Chief Product Officer at MailUp, recommends beginning promoting your brand or company with setting up a proper email account even in case your website isn't completed yet.


He offers several tools - for example, and for putting up an email acquisition landing page.


2. Tell a story, not only sell




Online business сonsultant Pamela Hazelton offers to run a blog as a companion to the company's website. She warns, though, that promoting your company with its help will be difficult.


She explains that openly promoting your products can be irritating. That is why you should make sure you are providing the audience with new and useful information.


Try becoming an expert on certain topics in your niche.


3. Learn to communicate




Eric Bandholz, co-founder at BeardBrand, explains that there are a lot of platforms that let you conduct the mass communication about your brand (which, in his opinion, is the actual definition of marketing) and involving new customers.


He thinks you needn't get too excited over the technologies. Communication should be natural and authentic.


Bandholz clarifies the importance of telling a good story and showing the potential customers the company's lifestyle and main idea. This is the key to successful communication.


4. Use the opportunities Twitter gives you




Founder of Heroic Search Jared Carrizales says many people do not realize how many opportunities Twitter has to offer - especially when it comes to local businesses.


He explains that Twitter can get you quoted in media, help in gaining speaking spots at the different conferences and help you in raising the brand awareness in general.


5. Find the longtime partners




Laura Bell Greeno, co-founder of Ecomdash, explains the importance of starting promoting your website offline and only then moving to the Internet.


She says that offline relationships, events and friendships are much more important in the long run, as they help in building long-time partnerships.


Since these activities can be costly, she offers to team up with other brands in your niche to both save, build the new relationships and get more audience at your events.


6. Mind the design




Brian Ostrovsky, CEO of, explains that a badly organized website is a real killer for a local business that wants to thrive.


If the website looks dead, dull and unprofessional, that is exactly what a visitor and potential customer will think about your entire company, and that makes a possibility of him placing an order with you or recommending you to his or her friends highly unlikely.


7. Use Place Tips




CEO of Blog Brandz Priya Florence Shah introduces a Facebook feature called Place Tips. This feature has a possibility of writing and sending the messages to people who checked in at a certain place or have their Facebook location activated.


That provides the businesses an opportunity to target the potential customers that were simply walking by your store.


But in order to get Place Tips you need to keep your page active and update it frequently.


Make your page effective and popular by following these pieces of advice!


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